Monday, March 23, 2020


The UK has went into lockdown mode tonight after the Prime Minster announced it on Television.

Some movement is allowed for essentials, like food and medicine. People are allowed to go to work if they really have to, and allowed to exercise outside once a day.

It is strange times we are living in, there is hope though that all these measures will work as China is now reporting no new cases and starting to relax its stringent lockdown restrictions. Hopefully in a few months that will be us and slowly life can get back to normal again.

The best thing we can all do is STAY AT HOME and accept LOCKDOWN MODE.

Many of our customers have said over the years that they wish they could go into some type of lockdown mode to be able to have the focus on our total food replacement plan.

Most of the reasons that our customers have failed on plan is because their social life is too busy;

Weddings, birthday parties, nights outs, holidays, work travel, family get togethers and lunch with friends… these are the reasons that total food replacement is a hard diet to follow.

Now in the most unusual circumstances, in an unprecedented time, all these reasons why we can fail, have been removed from us.

All we have is lockdown; staying home, staying safe, and getting healthy.

If we are going to be in lockdown mode for weeks or months; why not use

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