Sunday, March 29, 2020

How to Feel Calm and Centred when Life Is Scary

I got a message from a customer the other day that explained her situation and how the coronavirus had effected her and her family, it was quite distressing and a lot to deal with. But in the last sentence of her message she told me that she had “managed to ground herself and she was feeling ok”.

Being able to feel centred and grounded is something that we all need to be able to master over the coming weeks and months.

During the last couple of weeks on numerous occasions I have found myself going through waves of emotion. Usually after watching the news, or reading something on social media, I can sometimes feel a fear sweep over me, and I have to take a deep breath and centre myself.

Taking a deep breath works

The simple things work. Breathing is a great way to centre yourself. Sometimes I think as humans, we do not do the simple things. So if you haven’t tried breathing, don’t over look it, try it, and see how it makes you feel.

Here is how to give it a go this week, should you feel some anxiety come over you with the news;

Take a deep breath and count to 5.

Accept that we have no control over what is happening, and allow yourself to release it with the intention of focusing on what we can control.

This is the act of centering yourself.

For meditation purposes, to centre yourself breath in for a count of 5 (or however long it takes to slowly fill your lungs), then out for a count of 10 (rule of thumb is twice as long as the inhale) 

You’ll know when you’re centred when you feel calm and at peace.

Step Outside Into Nature

If you can step outside into nature, and take in some deep breaths, this will help you to centre yourself too. Being in nature is also great for your immune system.

On the news the other day, I heard that a man ran a marathon in his own garden! It is amazing what you can do in a small space outside. Being outside and moving is a great way to centre yourself. Get creative and see what you can do.

Try walking barefoot on the grass in the morning! It is a great way to feel grounded. I love standing in my garden, having a cup of coffee and just filling my heart with gratitude.

These simple things, will help you to keep bringing yourself back to a calm place.

Focus On Your Blessings & Feel Grateful

In our MAGICAL ME JOURNAL that you get for free in our SPRING TRANSFORMATION JOURNALS. You are prompted to write down things that you are grateful for every day.

This is a brilliant practice that helps us to focus on the little joys of everyday. The more we can see the good all around us, the easier it is to stay in a calm and centred state.

Focus On Your Health & Wellbeing

When you are taking care of yourself, it is easier to centre yourself. I hope this week that you will feel focused on making the most of this time in lockdown to get your “weightdown”. There is nothing better that you can do at this time than to focus on your HEALTH.

Get Your WeightDown in Lockdown

Surrounding yourself with other positive people who want to make the most of this time, will really help you to feel uplifted and motivated. In our secret slimmers group you will feel like you are on a mission with a bunch of friends!

Being on plan helps you to improve your health. We all need to be as healthy as we can, especially at this time. If you get the virus, you will have a better chance of fighting it off if you getting all your nutrients, being active, and having a calm and centred mindset. It will also feel amazing when lockdown ends, and you step out into the world, looking and feeling like a new you! 🙂

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Much Love,

Julz xo


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