Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Allergies and A Raw Diet: What You Need to Know

The power of a plant-based diet can never be underestimated. For more than 25 years, the Hallelujah Diet has been effectively eliminating sickness and helping people get back to living a strong and healthy life. By boosting the immune system with the nutrients and vitamins of raw, leafy greens and vibrant fruits and vegetables, the body’s miraculous self-healing abilities kick into gear. There is not one area of health that raw eating does not impact.

Take a look at how a primarily raw plant-based diet can help reduce and prevent allergies:

What Causes Allergies?
Numerous studies have indicated that diet has an effect on asthma and allergies. According to Asthma UK, avoiding certain foods and focusing on fresh, whole foods can help eliminate the severity of asthma as well as other allergies. Foods high in saturated fats, sugar, salt and items that are overly processed can trigger symptoms and make them worse.

Specifically, arachidonic acid found in red meat has been linked to allergic inflammation because of the cytokines and leukotrienes it brings into your body, the Naturopathic Medicine explained. The necessary amount of arachidonic acid that the body needs is already produced naturally, eliminating the need for the consumption of red meat.

Essentially, the Standard America Diet can weaken the immune system and make the body more susceptible to allergens. Avoiding the SAD can eliminate risk factors for allergies, as the Rev. George Malkmus has explained. 

Asthma and allergies impact thousands of Americans each year.

Focus on Diet, Not Pills

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How to Support Your Immune System With Food and Lifestyle Habits

Now is the time more than ever to take care of our health.

With the given phase of life, we’re experiencing right now, being intentional about our health and how we’re choosing to nourish our bodies from a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual perspective is more important than ever.

It’s a great time to pay gratitude to your health, your body, and all the amazing things it allows you to do each day like think critically, experience love and community, call your loved ones, to use your voice to speak up and spread compassion, and so many other amazing things we often take for granted.

In addition, just like with any news or collective event that happens, everyone has something to share about it so I want to make sure you’re getting the most accurate, helpful, and healthy resources for your health, your family, and your community. That’s why here in this article you’ll learn what foods can support your immune system, what supplements we know can contribute to supporting your immune system or specific health conditions.

The key here and whenever you’re reading articles online related to your health and coronavirus is to keep in mind since this is such a new virus there are no specific studies just yet that are conclusive stating that one specific food or supplement or lifestyle action can prevent, treat, or cure this virus.

So what you’ll find in this article are the studies and health conditions or ways foods, supplements, and lifestyle

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Monday, March 30, 2020

87the March 202020

Well are at the end of March now…

I think this is a month that we will all remember for the rest of our lives. It is a month that has changed the world forever, and it is a month that will go down in history.

So much has happened this month and a lot of us have felt disorientated and not sure exactly what day of the week it is!

A lot of us are still processing what is actually happening, and in a way we are grieving for our normal lives.

The human race is born to win.

We will figure this out and we will get through this time. It will pass!

In a way it is good that it is a global problem, because that means that the whole world will come together as one to solve it.

For most of us, our role in overcoming this is to simply stay at home.

While we are at home, the best thing we can do is establish new healthy routines, and focus on our health and fitness.

Without routines; we will feel depressed.

Without healthy eating & movement; we will gain weight.

To help us stay focused on our healthy routines and habits having an exciting image of the future will help us to keep going.

I read a post on Facebook today that described so well, what we all have to look forward to. I have edited it

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What is Diabetic Blindness?

According to the American Diabetes Association, diabetes affects 30.3 million Americans. Of those individuals, only about 23.1 million were diagnosed. Additionally, it’s estimated that about 1.5 million new cases of diabetes are diagnosed every year.

This debilitating disease has a huge impact on those who live with it. Type 2 diabetes can cause increased thirst and hunger, frequent urination and headaches. It can also lead to more severe health complications, such as heart disease and blurred vision, which is referred to as diabetic blindness or retinopathy.

What is Diabetic Blindness?
According to the National Eye Institute, diabetic retinopathy is the most common type of eye disease in the U.S. It’s caused by high blood sugar levels leading to the swelling of the blood vessels of the retina, which often leads to leaking fluid. It may also cause the blood vessels to close, which can stop blood from passing through. This ultimately shuts down the retina and can result in blindness.

“NPDR occurs when tiny blood vessels leak.”

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, there are two stages of diabetic eye disease: non-proliferative diabetic retinopathy and proliferative diabetic retinopathy. NPDR occurs when the tiny blood vessels leak, causing the retina to swell or close off. Most commonly, this leads to blurriness in vision.

PDR is more severe. The retina goes through neovascularization, which causes the retina to grow new blood vessels. The problem is these vessels are very fragile, and they often bleed into the vitreous. This can cause dark spots in vision but can also lead to blindness. The new blood vessels may also make scar tissue to form, which can cause the retina to detach.

What are the Signs and Symptoms?
According to the NEI, symptoms are minimal or non-existent in the early stages of diabetic retinopathy, making the disease to progress and impact vision before knowing when to take action. But there are ways a professional can detect the disease. A comprehensive eye exam that measures one’s ability to read and see objects from a distance can determine if you’re dealing with something that’s impacting your vision.

How to Protect Yourself
Early detection and treatment are the safest ways to protect yourself from diabetic blindness. However, we recommend taking care of your body to avoid diabetes in the first place. A healthy, wholesome plant-based eating regimen like the Hallelujah Diet can help you maintain a healthy weight and regulate your blood sugar levels to avoid a debilitating disease like diabetes. Ultimately, this will help you avoid the need for insulin and other medications. God created the natural sustenance of the Earth as the fuel for our bodies, but also as the natural medicine to teach our bodies how to self-heal. When you eat organic foods and stop treating your body like a garbage bin, it will reward you and help you live a long, fulfilling life.

Learn more about how our faithful followers have kissed diabetes goodbye with our plant-based diet!

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How to Stock a Healthy Pantry

Learn how to stock your pantry to make healthy meals quick and easy! If you’re wondering what to buy to easily make healthy recipes with what you have on hand, keep reading. Where to buy healthy groceries You can shop for healthy food at any supermarket or farmer’s market. You don’t have to shop at…

Read More

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6 Considerations With Fibroids

I myself was diagnosed with a fibroid by my PCP about 3 years ago.  I didn’t have any of the possible symptoms.  No heavy or painful periods that can sometimes be a sign of fibroids.

At the time my doctor suspected a fibroid during a routine pap smear and sent me to get an ultrasound.  I got a call from the doctors office nurse to tell me over the phone that I indeed did have a fibroid and then was like ok good-bye.  But hold on I have some questions.  What can we do about it?  The nurse then told me that the doctor doesn’t do ANYTHING about my fibroid until I start to develop symptoms.  What!  This is NOT ok and should not be how our healthcare system works.  In my mind fibroids are a symptoms of something deeper going on and with my own experience (and with all my clients) that was absolutely the case!

I was told that the best “treatment” for my fibroid was birth control pills.  But I had already been on birth control for many years and it actually likely caused my fibroid in the first place vs preventing one from growing.  Because guess what, BCPs can contribute to estrogen dominance and fibroids are linked to estrogen issues.

Some of the common conventional recommendations for fibroids include birth control (as was in my case), a doctor can go in and try to cut off the blood supply to the fibroid, or sometimes in

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Covid 19: Service Update

At The New You Plan, because we are a food company, we fall into the category of essential services and are therefore permitted to continue shipping our products. However, stringent changes have been put in place to ensure the health and safety of both our staff and customers during the Covid-19 crisis. Here’s everything you need to know…

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, measures have been put in place in order to adhere to new government policies within our business. This means the following:

Our customer services team

Our customer service team are now all operating remotely. However, we will still be taking calls / live chats and emails so you can easily get in touch. The nature of this access still also ensures we adhere to data protection regulations. The only impact we have here is that call volumes have increased so if you are unable to get through to us on your first try, please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as one of our agents is available. If you prefer, use the live chat function on the website and ask for us to call you back.

Our dispatch team / warehouse

Again, we have seen a recent increase in orders, however we have increased capacity to ensure that all orders are being dispatched within the promised timescales. If this changes we will be updating this blog immediately and contacting affected customers where possible. We have set up additional spaces to ensure

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Sunday, March 29, 2020

How to Feel Calm and Centred when Life Is Scary

I got a message from a customer the other day that explained her situation and how the coronavirus had effected her and her family, it was quite distressing and a lot to deal with. But in the last sentence of her message she told me that she had “managed to ground herself and she was feeling ok”.

Being able to feel centred and grounded is something that we all need to be able to master over the coming weeks and months.

During the last couple of weeks on numerous occasions I have found myself going through waves of emotion. Usually after watching the news, or reading something on social media, I can sometimes feel a fear sweep over me, and I have to take a deep breath and centre myself.

Taking a deep breath works

The simple things work. Breathing is a great way to centre yourself. Sometimes I think as humans, we do not do the simple things. So if you haven’t tried breathing, don’t over look it, try it, and see how it makes you feel.

Here is how to give it a go this week, should you feel some anxiety come over you with the news;

Take a deep breath and count to 5.

Accept that we have no control over what is happening, and allow yourself to release it with the intention of focusing on what we can control.

This is the act of centering yourself.

For meditation purposes, to centre yourself breath in for a count of 5 (or however long it takes to slowly fill your lungs), then out for a count of 10 (rule of thumb is twice as long as the inhale) 

You’ll know when you’re centred when you feel calm and at peace.

Step Outside Into Nature

If you can step outside into nature, and take in some deep breaths, this will help you to centre yourself too. Being in nature is also great for your immune system.

On the news the other day, I heard that a man ran a marathon in his own garden! It is amazing what you can do in a small space outside. Being outside and moving is a great way to centre yourself. Get creative and see what you can do.

Try walking barefoot on the grass in the morning! It is a great way to feel grounded. I love standing in my garden, having a cup of coffee and just filling my heart with gratitude.

These simple things, will help you to keep bringing yourself back to a calm place.

Focus On Your Blessings & Feel Grateful

In our MAGICAL ME JOURNAL that you get for free in our SPRING TRANSFORMATION JOURNALS. You are prompted to write down things that you are grateful for every day.

This is a brilliant practice that helps us to focus on the little joys of everyday. The more we can see the good all around us, the easier it is to stay in a calm and centred state.

Focus On Your Health & Wellbeing

When you are taking care of yourself, it is easier to centre yourself. I hope this week that you will feel focused on making the most of this time in lockdown to get your “weightdown”. There is nothing better that you can do at this time than to focus on your HEALTH.

Get Your WeightDown in Lockdown

Surrounding yourself with other positive people who want to make the most of this time, will really help you to feel uplifted and motivated. In our secret slimmers group you will feel like you are on a mission with a bunch of friends!

Being on plan helps you to improve your health. We all need to be as healthy as we can, especially at this time. If you get the virus, you will have a better chance of fighting it off if you getting all your nutrients, being active, and having a calm and centred mindset. It will also feel amazing when lockdown ends, and you step out into the world, looking and feeling like a new you! 🙂

Come & Join Us This Week In Our Inspiring & Friendly Support Group

This week we are kicking off a 5 DAY TOTAL FOOD REPLACEMENT CHALLENGE in our online community.

This was a great success last week with many people losing up to 12 pounds in just 5 short days!!

This total food replacement 5 day challenge is free to join. You can register for it in our secret slimmers group on facebook.

It will kick start your mindset, and weight loss and hopefully help you to build momentum so that you can continue to do plan for 12 weeks and lose 3-4 stone with our plan.

I hope to see you in our Secret Slimmers group this week!

Much Love,

Julz xo


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Vegan Shepherd’s Pie | Healthy Indian Dinner Recipe

A family-friendly and satisfying Vegan Shepherd’s Pie recipe gets an Indian twist. Loaded with flavour-packed green lentils simmered in a tomato sauce infused with traditional South Asian spices, and topped with velvety mashed potatoes. Heads up, it’s so Desi~licious that you’ll want more than one helping! 

I think you’ll agree that Shepherd’s pie exudes all the comfort food vibes. Perhaps it’s the combo of a meaty layer topped with luscious, soft potatoes. So yummy!

Having grown up in the UK, our family recipes have always had some sort of Eastern and Western fusion. Mum used to create something similar using meat. And as we’ve committed to eating more plants, I was eager to plan a vegan version of Shepherd’s Pie – with all the South Asian feels. 

With the launch of my rebranded Youtube Channel, it’s been slightly more hectic with my workload. Yes, the need for easy and healthy Indian recipes for the family has become even more critical as I settle into a new routine. And this, my friends, is the perfect pick to add to our weekly meal plan. I hope you love it as much as we do 🙂

How To Make Vegan Shepherd’s Pie – In Ten Steps

Start with soaking the lentils for at least 20 minutes and boiling the potatoes (Image 1). Prep the lentils filling; heat the olive oil and fry the onion seeds, garlic and

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Refreshing Springtime Salad Recipes


Ah, springtime. The sun is shining, the crisp air is blowing, the flowers are blooming; there are so many refreshing details that make this season the perfect departure from a long, dreary winter. Plus, it’s finally time to head outside and tend the garden you’ve been missing for months! Growing your own produce isn’t just a fun hobby, it’s a healthy habit that encourages you to take advantage of having the freshest fruits and vegetables at your disposal.

Looking for new, interesting and delicious ways to make use of your fresh produce this season? Here are a few springtime salad recipes you can try:

1. Sunshine Carrot Salad
Bring this vibrant salad as a side dish to the first picnic of the year.


3 cups carrots 1/2 cup organic raisins 1 celery stalk 1 Red Delicious apple 1/2 cup raw almonds Apple juice


First, peel and grate the apple and carrot, then chop the celery finely. Mix and set aside.

Place remaining ingredients in a blender and mix until it reaches a smooth and creamy consistency.

Pour liquid mixture into carrot, apple and celery mixture and toss to combine. Enjoy!

2. Radiant Quinoa Salad
This recipe makes a great option for lunch on a warm spring day.


28 Kalamata olives, halved or quartered 2 cups green peas 2 cups chopped carrots 2 cups chopped tomatoes 1/2 cup sprouted or cooked quinoa 3/4 cup pumpkin seeds 1/2 cup sunflowers seeds 3/4 cup raisins 8 cashews for garnish

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Have a Vision For Your Future; At Goal, Living Life to the MAX!

I encourage you to have a vision for your life. This is more important now than at any other time. Having a vision for future will help you to stay positive and want to make the most of this time, so that when life gets back to normal you can go and live life to the max.

Create a movie in your mind and imagine all the things you want to do when things are back to normal.

Imagine yourself at your goal when you are feeling healthy and energetic. Imagine yourself going to all the places you love to go to, with the people you love to spend time with.

Use this time of self isolation to focus on your health and wellbeing.

I asked this question in our secret slimmers group and so many people got excited when they thought about what life could be like in 12 weeks time.

Having hope for a better future is so important right now.

I encourage you to write it all down. Write down all the things you would like to do, write down how you are going to feel. Emotionally connect to the vision of your future, and keep it at the fore front of your mind every day. Especially first thing in the morning, and last thing at night.

Accept that you are in lockdown.

Watch this video…. it gives us such a positive message for us on how to view lockdown.


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Friday, March 27, 2020

Weekly Summary & Smiles

What a week it has been! This week the country went into lockdown and the seriousness of the pandemic is feeling more and more real. Today marks day 14 of self isolation for myself and kids.

It has been a crazy 2 weeks, I have been very busy, and quite overwhelmed at times, but I am doing my best to keep bringing myself back to feeling centred and believing that we will get through this time.

I am so proud of our customers who have been so strong to stay on plan and focus on their health and wellbeing at this crazy time in the world. Our 5 day mini focus challenge was a great success, with many people starting and building momentum to continue their new you journey.

My heart is full of gratitude and appreciation for everyone right now. I have so much love for this world. The team at new you, our customers, the health workers, everyone in the front line, and for all the world leaders who are doing their best to manage this global crisis.

To lighten the mood & maintain our sense of humour during this time; Here are a selection of the meme’s that gave me some light relief this week…

I hope you had a giggle looking through these! Make sure you send me any of your favourites this week.If you want to be part of our lovely online community

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Acceptance And Kindness Amidst A Global Pandemic | Desi~licious RD

Personal tips to help manage anxiety during the outbreak of a pandemic.

Wellbeing Coach, Middle Aged Woman Practicing Mindful Acceptance Meditation. Positive Mindset Concept

I woke up and tried remembering what day it was. According to my phone, it was a Tuesday. It felt funny to be in bed at 7:30 am – not rushing about the house, getting the kids ready for school. Days and nights seem to mesh into one another.

I went downstairs and put the kettle on. It’s normal to see parents piling kids into cars for school at this hour. Dog-walkers and runners are usually out for exercise. However, these days it’s different. 

Lone cherry blossom trees stand tall amidst late winter snow. Spring has arrived. Toronto’s nippy air isn’t bone-chilling anymore. It is still cold, yes. But it’s spring cold, when birds start singing and trees come to life. 

Yet, there is no sign of human life on my street. People have stopped socializing for the time being. Governments around the world have named it “social distancing”. Our planet is going through a health crisis, a global pandemic. There is a rare disease called COVID-19: the new coronavirus. It has spread around the world like wildfire. Scientists, doctors and healthcare professionals are still trying to decipher what it actually is. There is no vaccine and no cure. It multiplies and doubles through infectious droplets in coughing, sneezing and overall human contact. Therefore, all of us must stop socializing for some time. Every person in the world. We are to stay home. 

Sounds like a film, doesn’t it? It reminds me of A Quiet Place. The plot revolves around a family struggling to survive in a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by blind extraterrestrial creatures with an acute sense of hearing. They attack people who utter any sound. Only in the real world, said creatures are the new coronavirus. Close human contact might put us at the risk of catching it. 

Those who can work from home have stopped going to their offices, and educational institutes from around the world have switched to online classes. Events, travel plans and workshops are indefinitely cancelled until further notice. Shops, businesses, restaurants and cafes have shut down, the world over. 

It is a strange and apocalyptic time. Never in my life did I imagine the new decade would start on such an unusual note! However, in such unprecedented circumstances with routines falling apart, holding onto our mental health (alongside immunity) has never felt more important. 

Like many people across the globe, I also experienced the anxiety and panic this virus has brought with itself. With no work routine, no school for the kids and no gym, I felt quite stressed and helpless. How do I motivate myself to change out of pyjamas every morning? I can’t go to the gym – do I let my workout regime falter? What about work? How do I manage my anxiety? A lack of routine can often cause our fitness, nutrition goals, mental health and other wellness-related ambitions to suffer.

And that is understandable. Likewise, you must also be overwhelmed with the inordinate amount of information everywhere. It can be demotivating and cause anxiety. Maybe you’ve lost that sense of purpose that comes with a structured wellness routine. You might also be angry at how long it took you to establish a healthy regime consisting of exercise, hobbies, activities and self-care. All of that might seem in vain now. I understand because I felt the same. However, I changed my mindset. It didn’t happen overnight, but I managed to guide myself into a more positive direction.

Tips to help manage anxiety

Start with acceptance

I started with acceptance. Yes, corona is currently on a world tour and we must accept that for a while, it’s here to stay. Acceptance brings a sense of clarity. And clarity makes space for kindness. Kindness towards ourselves and other people. It is okay to let the unknown cloud our judgement for a bit. We are allowed to feel vulnerable. What’s not okay is dwelling on it for too long.

Count your blessings

Women's hands are holding a lot of small pebbles of different shapes and sizes

Slowly, I started counting my blessings. At least in this situation, I have a loving family, a roof over my head, food in the kitchen, and Wi-Fi to stay connected with the outside world. A good internet connection guarantees a plethora of content for both mental and physical well-being. All these extra hours will also allow me to spend more free time with my family. All I needed was a structure that’ll fit around these new limitations. 

Establish a family routine & tag-team

two adults and a child making funny facing posing for the camera

Like any parent, my husband and I wanted to have some semblance of a routine for our three kids first. We encouraged them to find creative ways to stay physically fit and mentally agile. We molded our work schedules around their routines and vice versa, in order to accommodate all family members.

My husband and I decided to take turns in going to the basement for online meetings and work calls. This allows us free time to spend with our children in turns. My eldest, Miss R (16) is now my workout buddy. Not only do we have fun exercising with dumbbells and bands, it’s also a great way for us to have some quality mother-daughter bonding time. 

Our youngest, Master IZ (6) has a lovely little schedule that allows him to read, play in the garden, watch a film and do school work. Our middle one, Master IK (14) is great at keeping himself and his baby brother fit through football. If it’s not snowing, they also head out to the back garden to play. Together with my husband, my kids and I now also enjoy making meals together. In fact, Master IZ is definitely my little sous chef! 

four images showing a little boy baking cookies

Let go of perfection and be kind

Delicious red velvet cupcakes decorated with hearts on rusty old metal background.

It’s understandable that some of us might be struggling with binge-eating of less-nutritious foods. It is almost predictable to indulge in a few treats with so much ongoing stress. It’s is okay to enjoy a few extra sweet treats. Your body doesn’t change overnight. And, as long as we enjoy such food items as treats, it is perfectly acceptable to cut ourselves some slack. Kindness has to start with ourselves first. Let’s shift the focus off of body weight, to the power of positive perspective.

Find the silver lining

There is a silver lining to the most adverse of situations. Times like these test our patience and resilience. This global pandemic has affected thousands across the globe. It is perfectly okay to feel on edge. However, even when we’re trapped inside four walls for our own safety, we can find ways to feel emotionally and physically relaxed. 

The collective mentality of all or nothing isn’t the kindest approach to dealing with unexpected situations. Life is not perfect, and unprecedented circumstances such as the coronavirus are beyond our control. We must graciously accept that the entire world is fighting the same battle, and have a more optimistic outlook towards life. As Rumi infamously said, “the moment you accept what troubles you’ve been given, the door will open.” And I have accepted that now is the time to step back and adjust, in order to leap forward again.

A door opening to the view of the sea with a quote of Rumi

How are you doing during this uncertain time? What have you found to be helpful to manage anxiety? Share your tips in the comments below!

If you enjoyed this blog post, would love to hear from you! Leave a comment, or share a photo and hashtag #desiliciousrd on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! 

Desi~liciously Yours,

Hungry for more?

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How to Create a Non-Toxic Home to Support Your Wellbeing

We spend so much of our time indoors and in our home, which is why creating a non-toxic home and practicing non-toxic living is an important part of caring for your health and wellbeing. 

The Environmental Protection Agency says that indoor air quality can be five times worse than outdoor air quality, with one major contributor to that being to the increased use of synthetic furnishings, personal care products, pesticides, and household cleaners.

In addition to these types of toxins that can get into our air, there are others that may leach into our food or drinking water and others that contribute to noise and light pollution in our homes — all of which can affect our wellbeing in the short- and long-term.

What to Look for When Transitioning to a Non-Toxic Home

Over the majority of my adult life, and especially in the past few years, I’ve been very mindful about what we purchase and use in our home. 

You absolutely don’t need to go out and completely transform your home overnight, but as you’re replacing items, upgrading, etc. you can be mindful to make healthier choices for your home (and often the environment too!) 

These are some of the swaps I’ve made in our home and what you can do as well to remove these toxins from your home overtime! 

Opt for Organic Materials for Your Mattress, Linens, and Furniture 

You may not have realized this, but the textiles and materials that makeup things like your sheets, mattress,

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Thursday, March 26, 2020

How Are You Going To Emerge from Lockdown?

Life has totally changed for us all over the last couple of weeks. I hope you are feeling ok, keeping yourself busy, and focused on what is inside your control.

I also hope that you are feeling in control of your eating and not comfort or boredom eating too much. From what I can see on Social Media, even the slim people are worried about gaining weight during this time in quarantine. I am seeing meme’s like this everywhere on social media! (look out for my meme party blog post tomorrow!)

I was watching the news today and a reporter asked the government are they worried about the mental health and obesity problems that could arise from everyone being in lockdown… everyone knows that it could be a big problem.

It is so important that we get healthy routines in place and have a positive focus at this time.

I feel so energised and inspired by our customers in secret slimmers who are really making great progress with their total food replacement journeys.

We can think that we are “stuck at home” or we can think that we are “safe at home” – one simple word, changes everything.

Keep your perspective positive.

Get healthy routines in place.

Get your mind focused on what you can control.

And use this time to get to your healthy ideal weight.

Imagine 12 weeks from now, life is getting back to normal and you are 3 stone lighter. What are you looking forward to doing? How

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The Best Diet for Cancer Remission

Overcoming cancer is one of the most beloved blessings from above. To ensure your long-term health and ability to enjoy many years ahead, it’s important to pay close attention to your diet so you can return to good health. Following healthier lifestyle habits, such as exercising, getting a good night’s sleep, limiting your stress and avoiding alcohol and tobacco products are some of the easiest ways to regain your health, but consuming wholesome, quality foods is the most important. A diet that consists of processed products, refined sugars, fatty meats and other saturated substances is the quickest way to spiral downward, back to failing health.

Following a Plant-Based Diet
Eating well should be a top priority for anyone, but it’s especially important for cancer survivors. In fact, the National Comprehensive Cancer Network swears by a plant-based diet, stating that research shows an eating regimen like the Hallelujah Diet has proven to lessen overall cancer risk. Reducing meat and animal fat consumption and eating more fruits and vegetables has been shown to reduce chances of developing cancers like lung, breast colon and stomach.

Fresh vegetables are key in a remission diet.

According to the NCCN, the phytochemicals in fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains – foods that are staples in the Hallelujah Diet – act as a defense system against carcinogens, substances that are known to cause cancer. Ultimately, consuming plant-based ingredients will boost the phytochemicals in your system and may aid cells in blocking cancer!

As stated by the

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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Coronavirus Risk: BMI Over 40

I have hesitated to write this blog post because I did not want to panic or upset anyone. The more I thought about it the more I felt that as a diet company we would be doing a disservice to our customers for not addressing this issue at this crucial time.

Our job is to help people to lose weight and get healthy and right now we have to support our customers who have a BMI of over 40.

The most important thing to do is to stay calm and stay focused on what is inside your control. All our battles can be won, one day at a time.

The virus will be beaten as a community one day in isolation at a time, and our weight loss battle will be won with our own determination, one day and one meal at a time.

We can do this, and we will do this!

All of us are now social distancing or in lockdown because of the Coronavirus. This is good, because as long as we stay home, we stay safe and stay healthy.

On 21st March the NHS published an official letter that lists out who has increased risk from Coronavirus. You can click here to read it.

On the list it states…

being seriously overweight (a BMI of 40 or above)

You can find out what you BMI is on the table below or use this BMI calculator on the NHS website.

BMI 40+

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Breaking down the raw food ratio

An all-natural and raw, biblical plant-based diet is the cornerstone of the Hallelujah Diet. It is based fully on what has been since the very beginning, when God created the heavens and the earth and then people, in His image and likeness. It was at that very time that God established how humans would fuel and nourish their bodies. As it was proclaimed in Genesis 1:29:

“And God said, ‘Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat [food].'”

In the beginning
It is this exact biblical passage that serves as the foundation the Hallelujah Diet, as Rev. Malkmus wrote in his book, “And the pattern was set in Genesis 1:29 for sustaining that life – transferred from one life to another by the consumption of living foods.” According to Rev. Malkmus, living food is essential and proper fuel for the body and its living cells. Consuming a diet rich in raw, plant-based living foods can help maintain and promote optimal health.

The raw food ratio
The daily break down of nutrition for this diet is 85:15, or 85 percent living foods and 15 percent vegan cooked foods, according to “The Hallelujah Diet.” It’s important to note that the intake of living foods need not be limited to 85 percent; these foods can certainly take up more of your daily consumption if you

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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Spring Forward! COUNTDOWN CODE

This Sunday the clocks spring forward! To mark this Spring Milestone, we have launched our popular countdown code.

The code is CLOCK20 and it will give you 44% off on Wednesday, and this will drop by 1% every day until Sunday.

Spring will be different this year, and our lighter evenings will be spent in our gardens mostly. Although are going to have a spring like no other, we must remain optimistic that we can use this time as a time of transformation and self improvement.

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How to Cope While Living With Arthritis

Arthritis is a debilitating disease that impacts the lives of nearly 54 million adults in the U.S, according to the Arthritis Foundation. By 2040, it’s estimated that more than 78 million people will have some form of arthritis.

Those living with the disease can agree that it doesn’t only come with physical pain – it can have an impact on mental and emotional well-being too. If you’re one of the many million Americans living with arthritis, it’s important to address all of the additional stressors and ways to cope.

Exercise is a simple way to cope with arthritis.

1. Pay Attention to Your Mental Health
Did you know that living with a physical chronic condition can also lead to depression down the road? As suggested by the Arthritis Foundation, it’s important to pay attention to your emotions and understand warning signs that something may be off. Some include fatigue, lost appetite, disrupted sleep and feeling more sad and anxious than usual. To avoid these feelings, spend more time with family and make time to enjoy a hobby.

2. Don’t Stop Moving!
Pain in the body that comes as a result of arthritis can make it seem like you need to halt all physical activity, but that’s the last thing you should do. Exercise doesn’t only increase strength, improve flexibility and reduce joint pain, but it’s also another great way to cope with depression that may come with arthritis, according to David Hellersstein, MD, professor of clinical psychiatry at Columbia University’s

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20 Easy Pantry Meal Ideas to Make from Staples You Have on Hand

Learning how to make easy pantry meals is such an important skill! Whether you aren’t able to get to the grocery store or you simply want to make use more of what you have, learning to get creative with what’s in your pantry will make you more confident in the kitchen.

Inside of my program, The Method Membership, I teach my members how to stock their pantry, fridge, and freezer so they have a few staples on hand that are commonly called for in recipes or simply really useful and versatile to have when putting a meal together. It makes cooking so much easier and more convenient because you already have most of what you need on hand, and then you only need to buy a few ingredients here or there to really make something extra delicious.

But the important piece of that is knowing what to do with those pantry staples and learning how to have some fun and play in the kitchen so you don’t end up using the pantry ingredient in the same way over and over again and getting bored. We like to keep things fun!

These are a few of the ways to make use of our pantry staples and change it up so that we’re getting the nutritious benefits of these different items without getting bored!

Quick note: if you don’t have something on hand for one of these recipes, ask yourself if there’s something you do have you that could use instead! This is

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Monday, March 23, 2020


The UK has went into lockdown mode tonight after the Prime Minster announced it on Television.

Some movement is allowed for essentials, like food and medicine. People are allowed to go to work if they really have to, and allowed to exercise outside once a day.

It is strange times we are living in, there is hope though that all these measures will work as China is now reporting no new cases and starting to relax its stringent lockdown restrictions. Hopefully in a few months that will be us and slowly life can get back to normal again.

The best thing we can all do is STAY AT HOME and accept LOCKDOWN MODE.

Many of our customers have said over the years that they wish they could go into some type of lockdown mode to be able to have the focus on our total food replacement plan.

Most of the reasons that our customers have failed on plan is because their social life is too busy;

Weddings, birthday parties, nights outs, holidays, work travel, family get togethers and lunch with friends… these are the reasons that total food replacement is a hard diet to follow.

Now in the most unusual circumstances, in an unprecedented time, all these reasons why we can fail, have been removed from us.

All we have is lockdown; staying home, staying safe, and getting healthy.

If we are going to be in lockdown mode for weeks or months; why not use

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The importance of minerals

Minerals are essential nutrients that your body needs to thrive. What exactly does a diet rich in minerals do for your well-being? In “God’s Original Diet,” Rev. George Malkmus highlights that minerals provide structure in forming bones and teeth, they maintain normal heart rhythm, muscle contractibility, neural conductivity, and acid-base balance. They also regulate cellular metabolism.

But where do these minerals come from? As rain water falls from the sky and filters through the earth, it acquires many minerals. When plants take in this water from the earth, they accumulate the minerals and turn them into a form that the body can easily absorb. This is the way God has always intended for man to obtain minerals – from plants consumed.

Our water often contains minerals in a form that are difficult to utilize, so we turn to living fruits, vegetables and juices.

The Garden of Eden
God placed Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and told them they would receive proper nourishment from the plants they were surrounded by. He explained that everything the body needs comes from garden plants, so they had everything necessary to maintain a healthy well-being throughout their existence.

“God explained that everything the body needs comes from garden plants.”

Genesis 1:29: “AND GOD SAID, Behold, I have given you every herb [vegetable] bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you

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Sunday, March 22, 2020

I Just Discovered House Party App

Today we downloaded HOUSE PARTY APP and it looks great. I am still learning about all the features but it looks like an amazing way to stay connected with your friends and family.

You can talk to multiple people all at once and play games together. Tonight me and my girls played a drawing game with my mum. One person had to draw and the other person had to guess!

I really recommend you download this, it is a great way for you and your kids to connect and have fun during this time of social distancing!

You can find out more about the app here.

Let me know if you like it, and if you recommend any other apps to keep connected and have fun with friends and family so I can share them with others.

I really hope you are doing well. This times are so unprecedented. The best advice I can give at this time is to limit news and mindless social media scrolling. Spend your time engaged with something you love, do things that keep your mind occupied and connect with people who lift your spirits.

We would love to see you in our secret slimmers group this week, it is a great way to stay connected to people who are on the same mission as you, to get slimmer and healthier during this time of social distancing.

If you want to join us, check out our SPECIAL OFFERS and join

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44 Easy and Healthy Recipes With Pantry Staples and Frozen Foods

As we avoid going outdoors, it means fewer visits to restaurants, grocery stores and markets – and cooking more at home. If you’re on the hunt for easy and healthy recipes – pantry foods and freezer food items are your best friends. Indeed, they’re nourishing, satisfying, easy and budget-friendly.

Four easy and healthy recipes of burgers, beans curries and masala fish

Don’t fret; we’ve made it super easy for you by sharing some of your favourite comforting recipes using pantry foods and essential frozen food items. We’re talking beans, lentils, frozen fruits and vegetables, canned and frozen fish, grains, nuts and seeds. Plus, if you’re working from home with an unpredictable schedule, easy and healthy recipes are the way to go. Below, you’ll find a collection of Desi~licious recipes using pantry foods and freezer essentials.

Easy and Healthy Recipes

Rice, Quinoa, Oats, Pasta


1. Holiday Persian Rice

Holiday Persian Rice | Desi~licious Ethnic Recipe

Persian rice infused with the luxurious scent of saffron and cardamom – jewelled with crunchy carrot matchsticks, tart dried cranberries and protein-rich chickpeas to create a desilicous show-stopping rice dish for your holiday menu. Yes, it’s as good as it looks.

Check out this recipe

Persian rice in a round tray surrounded by fresh parsley, grilled eggplant and a traditional fabric

2. Zarda (Sweet Rice With Nuts & Coconut)

Zarda (Sweet Rice With Nuts & Coconut) | Celebratory Recipe

This Zarda Sweet Rice is a healthier twist to a traditional recipe; with half the sugar and less fat. The rice is cooked in nuts, cardamom, sugar, coconut and dried fruits, and finished with saffron milk, to create an irresistible end to your meal. Celebrate Eid and delight your guests with this festive recipe!

Check out this recipe

bowls of zarda (sweet rice) on a gold tray

3. Ginger Lime Chicken with Broccoli

Serve with frozen steamed broccoli and boiled rice.

Ginger Lime Chicken with Broccoli

Forget the Chinese takeaway this week and try this speedy meal. Lean, light and luscious, these chicken strips are coated in ginger, lime and soy sauce – without any additional salt. Done and dusted in under 30 minutes, you won’t be able to resist this succulent ginger-lime chicken with broccoli.

Check out this recipe

Ginger lime chicken with broccoli on a white plate


4. Quinoa Mung Bean Salad

Quinoa Mung Bean Salad

This refreshing, light, yet satisfying salad will definitely help to energize you through this Monday. Any day of the week in fact! Simple to pull off and high in protein and fiber; this super bowl is packed with vitamins and minerals. A sprinkle of sumac gives a tart, citrusy flair that will excite your taste buds! This one IS a SASSY salad!

Check out this recipe

Quinoa Mung Bean Salad Recipe

5. Quinoa Lentil Stuffed Zucchini Boats

Quinoa Lentil Stuffed Zucchini Boats

Enticing stuffed zucchini boats! Super-yummy and packed with nutrition, these adorable boats are the perfect way to have fun with kids in the kitchen! Discover how to turn a simple vegetable into a delicious, and satisfying dish with an easy filling of sautéed onion, garlic, tomatoes, quinoa, and brown lentils.

Check out this recipe

Stuffed zucchini boats

6. Warm Asparagus Tomato Quinoa Salad 

Warm Asparagus Tomato Quinoa Salad | Easy, One-Pot, Spring Dish

Done and dusted in under 30 minutes, this simple one-pan Asparagus Tomato Quinoa Salad is rich in taste; infused with flavours from peppers, garlic and cumin. The perfect meatless one pan meal for easy prep and cleanup. Who’s in?!

Check out this recipe

asparagus tomato quinoa salad

7. Vegetarian Quinoa Pilau Recipe

Vegetarian Quinoa Pilau Recipe | Gluten Free, Family Dinner

Inspired by the traditional rice pilau, this enticing and super-healthy gluten free Vegetarian Quinoa Pilau Recipe, aka “qui-lau” is bursting with flavour, and so simple to pull off. Infused with the aroma of cumin, coriander and garam masala, this recipe is one you will want to add to your repertoire. Satisfying and finger-licking good!

Check out this recipe

plate of quinoa pilau with tomato, water and empty plates and forks on the side


8. Vegan Cranberry Apple Crumble

Vegan Cranberry Apple Crumble Recipe | Desi~licious RD

This Cranberry Apple Crumble recipe is a sweet and tart delight! It’s easy to make, vegan, gluten-free and packed full of nourishing ingredients. Yup, it’s my Desi~licious healthier spin on dessert, using wholegrain oats, relying on the sweetness and flavour of dried cranberries, apples and coconut. And guess what? It isn’t loaded with added sugar either! No matter what season, this luscious recipe will satisfy that sweet tooth.

Check out this recipe

flat-lay image of dish with cranberry apple crumble topped with sliced apples with dried cranberries in a bowl

9. Homemade Granola

Homemade Granola | Easy, Healthy Breakfast

Now you can easily create your own homemade granola – minus the preservatives. A plant powered recipe, made with real pumpkin and fiber rich oats, heart healthy almonds and sunflower seeds, and naturally sweetened with maple syrup – this recipe is the perfect choice as a healthy breakfast or nourishing snack.

Check out this recipe

homemade granola parfait layered with yoghurt and dried prunes

10. No Added Sugar Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies

No Added Sugar Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies | Easy And Healthy Recipes

Probably one of the easiest, healthiest and most delicious Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies you’ll ever make. Rolled oats, ripe bananas, dates, cacao and cinnamon come together to create an incredibly soft, unbelievably chewy, and absolutely wholesome cookie recipe. Just blend, spoon, bake and enjoy!

Check out this recipe

A tray of chocolate oatmeal cookies on a table with a bunch of bananas, rolled oats and a glass of milk

11. Masala Egg Oatmeal 

Desi~licious Masala Egg Oatmeal Breakfast | Easy Ethnic Recipes

Looking for easy and healthy breakfast ideas? Take your oatmeal to the next level with my savoury Masala Oatmeal Breakfast recipe – featuring eggs. It’s the ultimate busy-bee brekkie, bursting with nourishing heart-healthy ingredients. A creamy, rich amalgamation of rolled oats, onion, peas and tomatoes. All mixed with eggs, chillies and cilantro, and infused with traditional South Asian spices to create a spicy and Desi~licious breakfast. 

Check out this recipe

bowl of egg oatmeal breakfast topped with mange tout and lemon slices


12. Tomato Sauce Pasta

Serve sauce with pasta, spaghetti.

The Best Tomato Sauce Recipe

Want to learn how to make the best tomato sauce at home? My family says it’s easily the yummiest homemade tomato sauce they’ve ever had. A luscious blend of sweet grape tomatoes, simmered in garlic, oregano and black pepper to create a rich and hearty sauce. Quick, easy, and you won’t believe how ONE recipe transforms into three heart healthy meals. Indeed, busy weeknights call for low-effort, nourishing recipes that are insanely delicious!

Check out this recipe

flat lay of a bowl of pasta topped with the best tomato sauce and chickpeas and a herbs decorated on the side

If you’re on the hunt for easy and healthy recipes with pantry foods and freezer food items, here are 44 Desi~licious recipes to power you through! #healthyrecipes #dietitian
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Easy and Healthy Recipes With Canned Food


13. Desi Pumpkin Bean Burger

Desi Pumpkin Bean Burger | Healthy Ethnic Recipes

Just in time for Fall, these easy and healthy Desi Pumpkin Bean Burgers are an excellent alternative to store bought vegan burgers. Kidney beans, pumpkin and oats infused with curry powder and cumin, to create a healthy ethnic recipe – that’ll knock your socks off! Served on a bed of alfalfa microgreens and topped with creamy guacamole. Just tuck in! 

Check out this recipe

Two Desi Pumpkin Bean Burgers on a bed of alfalfa microgreens topped with guacamole in burger buns on a black tray

14. Superfood Vegetarian Chili Recipe

Superfood Vegetarian Chili Recipe

Cozy up with a warm bowl of this hearty superfood vegetarian chili recipe. Chock full of vegetables and spices, you’ll surely enrich your health with a flood of healing nutrients. Perfect as a make-ahead healthy one pot wonder – that’s also freezer-friendly. I promise, it’s finger-licking good!

Check out this recipe

2 bowls of superfood vegetarian chili on a traditional Pakistani straw basket with herbs and tomatoes

15. Daal Makhani | Coconut Lentil Curry

Daal Makhani | Coconut Lentil Curry | High Protein, Vegan, Gluten Free

Rich. Spicy. Exquisite. A mouthwatering and aromatic Indian dish, Daal Makhani is a thick, hearty lentil curry, made with brown lentils and red kidney beans in a creamy coconut and tomato sauce and seasoned with traditional Indian spices. This meatless meal is a guaranteed winner! High protein, vegan and gluten free.

Check out this recipe

daal makhani in a silver bowl on a round tray on top of a maroon velvet cloth with maroon flowers and roti in the background

16. Bharazi (Vegan Coconut Curry)

Bharazi (Vegan Coconut Curry) | Easy East African Recipe

A classic from Nairobi, East Africa, this easy Vegan Coconut Curry, aka Bharazi, will make your taste buds dance. Perfect as a one-pot dinner, this mouthwatering creamy sauce is infused with the flavors of coconut, onions, garlic, ginger, turmeric and cilantro – to create a flavor-packed plant powered dish. Meatless Monday….check!

Check out this recipe

bowl of pigeon peas coconut curry (bharazi) with red roasted pappers and lemon segments on a tray with mandazi (coconut bread)

17. Vegetarian Kebab Recipe

Desi~licious Vegetarian Kebab Recipe | Healthy Ethnic Recipes

Perfect for times when your pantry is low in ingredients, and you just need something quick and simple. This kebab recipe creates succulent and soft vegetarian kebabs (Shammi kebab-style) that are packed with protein and rich in flavour! Made with black beans and sweet potato, and infused with traditional South Asian spices, to create a healthy ethnic food recipe – that the entire family will love.

Check out this recipe

seven round shammi vegetarian kebabs on a floral plate with red chilli chutney in the middle

18. Slow Cooker Black Eyed Beans Curry (Lobia)

Slow Cooker Black Eyed Beans Curry (Lobia) | Eco-Friendly Recipe

Who doesn’t love a bowl of warm curry? Going green doesn’t have to mean expensive ingredients or going organic. This budget-friendly meal is a game changer if you’re looking for a hassle-free recipe. Super simple, and brimming with flavor, this hearty bean curry is sure to satisfy hungry tummies. Perfect for a busy weeknight! Vegan and gluten free.

Check out this recipe

Slow Cooker Black Eyed Beans Curry lobya


19. Mediterranean Quinoa Chickpea Salad

Lunch in a Jar: Mediterranean Quinoa Chickpea Salad

On a hunt for a simple and easy way to enjoy lunch at the office? Try this gluten free, low GI and portable Mediterranean Quinoa Chickpea Salad in a jar. It’s delicious, nourishing and oh so satisfying – minus the sogginess!

Check out this recipe

jars filled with layered quinoa chickpea salad

20. Kale Salad with Spicy Roasted Chickpeas

Kale Salad With Spicy Roasted Chickpeas

A refreshing and flavorful kale salad, tossed in a creamy avocado-herb chutney and topped with slightly-crispy spicy chickpeas. Now that’s one salad you won’t be able to resist.

Check out this recipe

kale salad with chickpeas in a white bowl

21. Vegetable Dip

Holiday Veggie Dip Platter | Easy and Healthy Recipes

Feast your eyes on this stunning easy and healthy plant-based platter. Featuring a sweet and creamy veggie dip made with roasted bell pepper, chickpeas, avocado and dried cranberries centred around an assortment of vegetables, fruits and toasted naan bread to create a beautiful and simple holiday centrepiece.

Check out this recipe

A colourful holiday veggie dip surrounded by carrots, cucumbers, peppers, snap peas, naan bread and blackberries

Canned Fish Recipe Ideas

22. Salmon and Quinoa Mason Jar Salad 

Salmon and Quinoa Mason Jar Salad

Looking for healthy low carb lunch ideas? Learn how to make this make-ahead delicious salmon mason jar salad. With layers of colorful vegetables, heart healthy salmon, and fibre-rich quinoa – all made complete with the dressing of your dreams! Super easy, fresh and oh so satisfying!

Check out this recipe

salmon mason jar salad

23. Tuna Cutlets

Tuna Cutlets

A delicious and super-simple lunch or light supper option, this tuna cakes recipe is one to add to your arsenal. Using simple and readily available ingredients, this one is ready and on your table in just 30 minutes.

Check out this recipe

plate of tuna potato cutlets with white dip and carrots and lemon

Canned Pumpkin

Mini Homemade Pumpkin Pies | Easy and Healthy Recipes

Homemade pumpkin pies at their best. No gluten, no dairy and no bake! A creamy pumpkin-cashew filling with a rich nutty-date crust, these are the perfect dessert choice this Fall. Think you don’t have time to pull off a pie, these are done in under 30 minutes, and top our easy and healthy recipes list! Vegan and free from from refined sugar.

Check out this recipe

a row of homemade pumpkin pies topped with pecans with pumpkins in the background
Spiced Pumpkin Date Cupcakes | Reduced Sugar

Welcome fall with these soft, moist and reduced sugar Spiced Pumpkin Cupcakes. The rich flavour of pumpkin spice and cinnamon, with the creaminess of pumpkin puree, make these morsels a perfect snack or make-ahead breakfast. This one’s a keeper!

Check out this recipe

pumpkin date cupcakes
Chocolate And Pumpkin Breakfast Smoothie| Easy and Healthy Recipes

This dairy-free Chocolate and Pumpkin Breakfast Smoothie is perfect if you’ve got a sweet tooth and after an easy and healthy nourishing breakfast recipe. It’s rich, creamy and decadent. Plus, with zero added sugar and bursting with good-for-you ingredients, it’ll surely power you through till lunchtime!

Check out this recipe

two bowls of chocolate and pumpkin smoothie breakfast topped with raspberries, pomegranate and nuts

Easy and Healthy Recipes For Desserts With Nuts, Nut Butter, Seeds And Dried Fruits

27. No-Bake Cranberry Energy Bites

No-Bake Cranberry Energy Bites | Easy Healthy Recipes| Desi-licious RD

You just can’t beat convenient no-fuss recipes, that taste mmm, mmm delish. These 4-ingredient easy and healthy no-bake cranberry energy bites pack a protein punch. They’re desilicious and gluten-free. An ideal snack before dinner, post-workout or as an elegant holiday dessert.

Check out this recipe

bowl filled with cranberry energy bites with pink flowers and dried cranberries in the background

28. Spicy Vegan Peanut Butter Tofu

Spicy Vegan Peanut Butter Tofu | Gluten Free, Healthy

Crispy on the outside and silky on the inside, these scrumptious Vegan Peanut Butter Tofu cubes are coated with a garlicky, nutty and Sriracha glaze to create an unbelievably simple and flavour-packed recipe. Add to salads, stir-fries, curries or enjoy ‘as is.’ Meatless Mondays just got even better!

Check out this recipe

Filo Cups with Apple Cranberry Salsa | Easy Holiday Recipe

One of my favourite party tricks is filo cups! These elegant cranberry and apple cups are a cinch to make and perfect for entertaining.Tangy cranberry salsa made with green apple, fresh cilantro, and squeeze of lime juice. A light dessert idea that’s super delicious!

Check out this recipe

bowl of cranberry and apple salsa with filo cups on a wooden board with dried cranberries
Raspberry Vegan Bars | No-Refined Sugar

These deliciously nutty no-bake Raspberry Vegan Bars are creamy, tangy, and jam-packed with antioxidants. The perfect healthy dessert or snack, that contains no refined sugar – but tonnes of favour and goodness! Gluten free.

Check out this recipe

five raspberry vegan bars with a raspberry on each slice, placed on a wooden board with sprinkle of chopped nuts and a gold fork
5 minute Pistachio-Apricot Laddus (Balls)

These 5 minute pistachio-apricot laddus are the perfect sweet and crunchy treat. Discover this healthier twist with no added sugar, no butter and no cooking!

Check out this recipe

5 minute Pistachio-Apricot Laddus (Balls) recipe
How To Make Chia Pudding With Strawberry Nice Cream | Desi~licious RD

A cold and creamy dessert, this Vegan Chia Pudding with Strawberry Banana Nice Cream will make your taste buds dance. Frozen strawberries and bananas are blitzed into a delicious soft serve ice cream, that’s dolloped over a thick and creamy chia pudding – all without any added sugar. You’re welcome!

Check out this recipe

vegan chia pudding in a glass topped with strawberry nice cream and fresh strawberries

Sweet Potatoes

Crispy Baked Sweet Potato Wedges | Easy And Healthy Recipes

Looking for an alternative to regular potato fries? Discover these salty-sweet thyme baked sweet potato wedges. Full of flavour, and super easy to pull off. And of course so good for you! A great dish to bring to a BBQ or cook out. Vegan and gluten free.

Check out this recipe

pile of baked sweet potato wedges on a wooden round board with two bowls of dipping sauces
Easy Roasted Brussels Sprouts Recipe With Sweet Potatoes | Desi-licious RD

What could be a better dish for your holiday menu, than this easy and healthy roasted Brussels sprouts recipe with sweet potatoes and dried cranberries – full of flavour and natural sweetness! If you’re not a Brussels sprouts fan, this desilicious recipe will change your mind!

Check out this recipe

Plate of easy and healthy roasted Brussel sprouts recipe with sweet potatoes and cranberries

Easy and Healthy Recipes With Freezer Foods

35. 4-Spice Basa Fillets Recipe

4-Spice Basa Fish Fillet

Simple, yet uncompromising on flavour, this blend of spices  works well with other types of fish and seafood. The tried-and-true ones from my kitchen are salmon, cod, haddock and shrimp. Mouthwatering masala Basa Fish Fillet recipe…just close your eyes and savour it. 

Check out this recipe

spicy basa fillets on a tray with lemon slices and cilantro on top and flowers around the tray

36. South Asian Fish Biryani Recipe

South Asian Fish Biryani Recipe | Desi~licious RD

Desi-liciously spiced with layers of fragrant basmati rice, grilled peppers and flaky masala haddock fillets, cooked in a tomatoey sauce infused with cardamom, cinnamon, cumin, and saffron to create a biryani recipe that’ll knock your socks off!

Check out this recipe

tray of south asian fish biryani with a cinnamon stick on top

37. Spicy Okra Recipe (Bhindi)

Okra Recipe (Bhindi) | Vegan, One Pan Indian Dish

Ready to make meal planning a breeze? Try this simple and mouthwatering 20-minute okra recipe (Bhindi). An all-time favourite Indian and Pakistani dish, this recipe is bursting with nutrition and flavor. If you’re tired of eating the same ‘ol veggies, this has your name written all over it!

Check out this recipe

pkra (bhindi) in a bowl with roti and lemon slices

38.Shrimp Curry

Coconut Shrimp Curry

Are you looking for a protein-rich, flavour-packed meal and don’t have much time? This coconut shrimp curry can be on your table in literally 15 minutes. It’s elegantly spiced and insanely desi-licious. What can be faster, easier and more tasty than seafood?!
three bowls of coconut shrimp curry on a bed of basmati rice garnished with fresh cilantro leaves

39.Easy Lemon Pepper Salmon

Easy Lemon Pepper Salmon | Low Carb, 20-minute Recipe

Primed for a weeknight dinner, this easy and healthy flavourful Lemon Pepper Salmon recipe can be on the table in just 20 minutes. This one-pan wonder is by far the easiest fish recipe you’ll ever make. Flaky, juicy, tangy and absolutely desilicious.

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Lemon Pepper Salmon fillet served Buddha bowl style on a bed of spinach with peppers, avocado, orange segments and grilled plantain

Easy And Healthy Frozen Desserts Ideas

40.Strawberry Kiwi Banana Nice Cream

Strawberry Kiwi Banana Nice Cream | DIY 3-minute, No Added Sugar Recipe

Learn how to make Strawberry Kiwi Banana Nice Cream. 3 minutes and 3 ingredients is all you need to whip up this super-simple and delicious treat – right at home. A light and refreshing dessert with zero added sugar, but tonnes of natural flavour. Can you resist?

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cup of kiwi banana nice cream and a red rose

41.Chocolate Cupcakes With Strawberry Buttercream

Chocolate Cupcakes With Strawberry Buttercream | Desi-licious RD

Easy, delicious and full of Frozen fun – these homemade chocolate cupcakes with a smooth strawberry buttercream are the perfect kids’ party dessert. With moist frozen strawberries hidden in the centre, and decorated with Anna and Elsa toppers, they’re the ideal addition to any Frozen-themed party!

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a collection of chocolate cupcakes with strawberry buttercream on a cake stand with Frozen princess toppers

42.Pineapple Mango Smoothie

Pineapple and Mango Smoothie

Creamy, thick and with all the Summer feels, this healthy tropical Pineapple Mango Smoothie, is truly sunshine in a glass. Super easy to pull off; it’s made in under five minutes, and uses 100% whole foods to create the perfect refreshing treat to cool you down! Vegan and 5-year old approved.

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two coconut bowls filled with pineapple mango smoothie decorated with sliced bananas and fresh strawberries

43.Pineapple Coconut Ice Lollies

Pineapple Coconut Ice Lollies Recipe | Vegan, Easy and Healthy

Beat the heat with this easy and healthy homemade pineapple coconut ice lollies recipe. Creamy coconut milk blended with chunks of pineapple, banana and a dash of turmeric, to create a vegan decadent delight. Insanely delicious and with zero added sugar,  they’re a coconut lover’s dream!

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Pineapple Coconut Ice Lollies in a coconut shell on a bed of ice in a tray with a spoon of turmeric and sliced pineapples around

44.Healthy Watermelon Strawberry Popsicles

Healthy Watermelon Strawberry Popsicles | Desi~licious RD

Stay hydrated with these bright and cooling no-added sugar watermelon strawberry ice lollies. The perfect healthy treat for a hot Summer’s day. Its not only the kids who will devour these!

Check out this recipe

3 strawberry popsicles on ice on a round plate decoratd with fresh watermelon and flowers

I’d love to hear from you! What easy and healthy recipes are you leaning on during this time? What types of recipes would be helpful for you and your family? Let me know in the comments below!

If you try any of these recipes, would love to hear from you! Leave a comment, rate them, or share a photo and hashtag with #desiliciousrd on Instagram, Facebook and twitter!  Can’t wait to see your photos.

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