Thursday, March 26, 2020

How Are You Going To Emerge from Lockdown?

Life has totally changed for us all over the last couple of weeks. I hope you are feeling ok, keeping yourself busy, and focused on what is inside your control.

I also hope that you are feeling in control of your eating and not comfort or boredom eating too much. From what I can see on Social Media, even the slim people are worried about gaining weight during this time in quarantine. I am seeing meme’s like this everywhere on social media! (look out for my meme party blog post tomorrow!)

I was watching the news today and a reporter asked the government are they worried about the mental health and obesity problems that could arise from everyone being in lockdown… everyone knows that it could be a big problem.

It is so important that we get healthy routines in place and have a positive focus at this time.

I feel so energised and inspired by our customers in secret slimmers who are really making great progress with their total food replacement journeys.

We can think that we are “stuck at home” or we can think that we are “safe at home” – one simple word, changes everything.

Keep your perspective positive.

Get healthy routines in place.

Get your mind focused on what you can control.

And use this time to get to your healthy ideal weight.

Imagine 12 weeks from now, life is getting back to normal and you are 3 stone lighter. What are you looking forward to doing? How

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