Saturday, March 21, 2020

Is Watching The News Triggering Your Emotional Eating?

There is no doubt about it, watching the news right now is causing a lot of anxiety and stress for everyone. We all want to stay up to date and stay informed, but we also need to look after our mental health and physical health.

Watching too much news will bring our mood down and we need to remain positive right now. And too much emotional eating will make us feel unhealthy and we need a good immune system right now.

Here are 2 decisions that you can make today to take control and feel better…


DECISION ONE: Decide when you will watch the news.

I have decided to watch the news once a day at 5pm everyday as that is when the latest updates are coming out. This means I focus on my work and kids during the day, and then when I do watch the news I am getting the latest updates.

Once you get updated turn the news off. If you keep watching the news you will keep hearing the same thing over and over and over again and it will really bring your mood down and bring feelings of anxiety up.

Be informed, but don’t don’t overwhelm yourself with it.

Another thing to be careful of is not watching the news with the kids in the room. Make sure they are in bed, or playing in another room. We want to keep our homes

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