Saturday, March 14, 2020

Nutrition Month 2020: Discussing This Year’s Theme “More than Food”

#DietitiansAreKey: the meaning behind More than Food and what it stands for.

March is Nutrition Month in Canada – an exciting time for dietitians. This year’s theme “More than Food” is dedicated to going beyond food and nutrition. It encourages Canadians to focus on how they consume their food, and not solely on what they eat. Every year, the public awareness campaign reaches millions of citizens within the country, therefore; it is important it contains messages that are informative and responsible.

The theme: More than Food And Nutrition

It is an important topic and discussion for dietitians of Canada and the public, with different meanings for various groups of people. Dietitians have the fundamental responsibility of counselling their clients and patients regarding food and nutrition, along with individual food habits. Food is important from a nutritional and sustenance standpoint, however; “More than Food” takes a comprehensive view of the features that influence healthy eating – including how we eat. 

Canada’s latest Food Guide strongly advocates the healthy consumption of food and good nutrition. It talks in detail about food education and availability, and that is directly linked to this year’s theme for Nutrition Month 2020. 

Positives of More than Food and Nutrition:

Canada’s Nutrition Month recognizes that healthy eating habits should be part of our daily lifestyles. The new Food Guide also stresses upon nutritional guidelines, therefore; many positives of the theme “More than Food” can be broken down into the following points and what they stand for:

1) Take

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