Sunday, March 15, 2020

5 Things to Know About GMOs

In recent years, Bill Gates has been known to promote GMOs(genetically modified organisms) as “perfectly healthy” and as a viable way of putting an end to world hunger, Business Insider reported. What’s more is that he has made it clear that he is discouraged with those fighting to promote labeling and remove GMO products from store shelves.

As we have previously reported and as Ann Malkmus has so wonderfully captured in her book “Unravel the Mystery,” there is a definite link between produce that has been genetically modified and numerous diseases, whether GMOs are the primary cause or a variable of the bigger picture. These altered foods have been attributed to a rise in allergies and perhaps most significant, the soil in which these plants and crops grow is void of many of its essential nutrients. God created the bountiful plants and vegetables as a source of vital nutrition: It was not His intention that they be modified in any way.

The next time you collect your weekly supply of vegetables, consider these facts about GMOs, and be wary of your selection:

1. History 
The first GMO product to hit the U.S. food market was the Flavr Savr tomato in the mid 1990s, according to Berkeley Wellness of the University of California School of Public Health, a leading evidence-based wellness information source. While interbreeding – the process of purposefully modifying or changing the characteristics of crops – has been practiced for centuries, the ability to alter organisms genetically is relatively new. Only in the

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