Friday, July 31, 2020

Are Root Canals Dangerous to Your Health?

Oral health is more than just fresh breath, pearly white teeth and a great smile. Poor oral hygiene has the potential to compromise your immune system and your overall health. In fact, the commonly performed root canal procedure – of which 25 million are carried out each year in the U.S. – can lead to chronic disease, according to Dr. Mercola’s natural health website.

Root Canal Dangers Exposed
For years, those in the field of science have warned of the dangers of this dental procedure. Yet each day, 41,000 patients undergo a root canal, according to the source. Intended to save the natural tooth, these procedures hollow out the tooth and fill it with a substance which cuts off the blood supply. The tooth then remains in the mouth without this supply of blood, while cultivating many tiny areas that enable bacteria growth. In some cases, this toxic anaerobic bacteria can spread throughout the body and cause several medical complications including degenerative diseases like cancer.

Since antibiotics cannot penetrate the tooth, they are not useful in killing the infections. 

Root canals have been linked to many chronic diseases, such as cancer.

“Root canals stress the immune system,” explained Hallelujah Diet health expert Olin Idol. “After decades of stress, cancer may develop in a genetic weak area as the immune system is no longer able to maintain health. It is thought by many who are knowledgeable about the dangers of root canals, cavitations and mercury fillings that oral pathology may

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Indian Butter Chicken Recipe (Instant Pot) | Desi Food Recipes

Easy Indian Butter Chicken recipe cooked in 30 minutes. Cubes of chicken breast marinated in garlic and spices – cooked in a rich and creamy butter chicken masala. With only a dash of butter and less cream – it’s a lightened version but with oodles of flavour! Learn how to make restaurant style butter chicken in minutes – in your instant pot.

We’re celebrating Eid this week with this finger-lickin’ good butter chicken (aka murgh makhani) – served with jeera-infused (cumin) Basmati rice. It was a request from Mr. D – what he calls as a “festive delight.” You could, of course, throw in chunks of butter just before garnishing, but I love the fact that it’s not over the top heavy.

I recently bought an Instant Pot (finally!) and have to say it made the whole experience ridiculously easy. I did, however, learn the importance of having all the ingredients on-hand as the cooking action is fast and furious 🙂

How to Make Indian Butter Chicken Recipe – Instant Pot Version

I like to think of cooking this dish in six easy steps:

Step 1: Marinate the chicken (Image 1)

Step 2: Saute the onions in butter (Image 2)

Step 3: Add the marinated chicken (Image 3)

Step 4: Follow with tomato passata and spices (Image 4)

Step 5: Pressure cook the chicken in your Instant Pot (Image 5) At this stage, I could put my feet up, but

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Thursday, July 30, 2020

The 4 Best Food Sources of Healthy Carbs

Here’s a list of 5 foods you can eat to increase your intake of healthy carbs.

We’ve all heard at least once before that carb is bad for us. We’ve been told to avoid them, cut them out of our diet, and even restrict them. Far too often we hear extreme examples of carb consumption like no-carb or low-carb diets, both of which have no middle ground, little flexibility, and limited longevity.

Whether your goal is weight loss, muscle gain, increased energy or even improved health outcomes, society has to lead us to believe that removing carbs from the equation is the solution to it all.

Yet the science says otherwise. We can, and should consume carbs! When it comes to weight loss, muscle gain increased energy, and improved health outcomes, healthy carbs play a vital role that should not be ignored.

Keep reading to learn more about healthy carbs, why we need them, and how to properly consume them to help you reach your goals!

Good Carbs vs. Bad Carbs

First and foremost — there is no such thing as good carbs vs. bad carbs!

Food intake is not a moral matter, and we therefore cannot assign morality to food. Food is meant to nourish our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

In reality, food is just-food. It really is as simple is that.

Nutrient Density of Carbs

Nutritionally speaking, some carbs are more nutrient-dense than others. Simply meaning they contain more vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. These carbs are commonly

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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Bruschetta in a jar

Packed with fresh ripe tomatoes, savory garlic, herbs, and tangy vinegar, this easy bruschetta in a jar is the perfect way to enjoy a taste of summer all year long! Add this recipe to your pantry to brighten up charcuterie and snack boards anytime! This post is sponsored by Ball® Canning. This easy recipe for…

Read More

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Upgrade Your Drinking Water with the HydroBoost Kit

H2O—It’s the most essential component to human health, vital to almost all of our body’s most complex functions. We need water to help regulate our body temperature, protect our tissues, digest our food and lubricate our joints, yet about 80 percent of people say they’re not getting enough of it. And, on top of that, water alone isn’t enough. The body needs vitamins, minerals and nutrients as part of a healthy, preventative diet. For those of us with busy lives, it can be hard to ensure that we’re meeting our daily nutrition and water requirements.

With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation. ­– Isaiah 12:2

At Hallelujah Diet, we strive to simplify your health and nutrition goals, and one of the ways we’re doing that is with the HydroBoost Kit. This kit comes with Trace Mineral Drops and Willard WaterÒ, two of our formulas designed to help you drink better water every time you take a sip. These products essentially help you supercharge your H2O with additional minerals and pH-balancing components that add nutrition.

What is Willard Water?

Willard Water is an Hallelujah Diet water formula designed to increase the pH of your distilled water and alter the structure of the water so that it absorbs better into your system. Adding the complete formulation to your regular water boosts its pH above 9, which gives it a more alkaline structure and transforms it into alkaline water.Why does pH matter? When water has a bit of

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White Flour vs. Wheat Flour: What’s the Difference?

On your quest to better eating, you’ve probably heard that it’s best to avoid white flour but—if you’re like most of us—you probably aren’t willing to swear off the bread, baked goods and pasta for good. Wheat flour is often touted as a good alternative to white flour, but is it actually better for you? By and large, it’s a smart idea to lessen your intake of the white version, opting instead for whole wheat flour that contains more nutrients. Let’s take a look at exactly why whole wheat is better and how much is appropriate in your diet.

The Difference Between White Flour and Wheat Flour

Both white and whole wheat flour are milled from soft wheat, red wheat, white spring wheat or another kind of wheat.The primary difference between white and wheat flour is that white flour is heavily processed and refined —hence why it’s often called “refined wheat”—whereas wheat flour retains its wholeness and has undergone little processing. By law in most states, refined wheat must be enriched with certain nutrients to restore some of the nutritional value. The B vitamins thiamine, riboflavin, niacin and folic acid, as well as iron and calcium, are often added.

Organic Wheat Flour—Whole organic wheat flour is made from hulled red wheat grain (otherwise known as wheatberries) andretains its natural nutrients, including fiber, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.It’s a good source of vitamins B1, B3 and B5, manganese, phosphorous, copper, folate and selenium. Studies show that the higher nutrient

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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

How to Make Simply Infused Water

Infused water is such a fun way to stay hydrated all day long!

Whether you fall into the, “I don’t like the way water tastes,” or the,  “I forget to drink enough water,” category, infused water is a great solution for both of those challenges.

Water doesn’t have a strong taste, making it easy to forget to drink or simply dislike. Sometimes even when we love water, it can start to get a little boring sometimes. Making flavored water at home allows you to have fun and experiment with different combinations!

I’m giving you a few of my favorite infused water recipes as well as a guide for how to create your own combinations and put it all together to get the most flavor.

Homemade Infused Water vs. Store-Bought Vitamin Water

Drinking “natural” waters, infused with “fruit” and “vitamins,” can be a common solution for anyone who hates the taste of water or forgets to drink it throughout the day.

Unfortunately, many of those store-bought vitamin waters include a variety of preservatives, artificial sweeteners, added vitamins/minerals, artificial colorings (Red 40, Blue 1), sodium, sucralose, sucrose, dextrose, high fructose corn syrup, and refined sugar.

Instead, making your own keeps those ingredients out of the recipe and saves money on not needing those expensive drinks.

How To Store Your Infused Water

Infused water can be stored in a mason jar, glass pitcher, water bottle or gallon jug. Really any airtight glass container will work!

They’re best kept in the refrigerator

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Monday, July 27, 2020

Food Preservation for a Raw Food Diet

For those of you following a primarily raw food diet, preparing plant-based meals is something that you’ll be doing quite often. This is good news if you enjoy spending time in the kitchen, trying out new recipes and experimenting with different foods and flavors. However, once you’ve made that delicious apple raisin coleslaw or finished a batch of sprouted pea dip, you may be curious just how long each of these dishes will last.

Here is what you should know about food preservation and your raw food diet:

Vinegar for Food Preservation 
One of the most effective natural preservatives is vinegar, created from the fermentation of water and sugar solutions. Vinegar is commonly used for pickling, as it contains acetic acid that can effectively kill microbes and thus prevent food from spoiling, explained the Society for General Microbiology.

When it comes to the lifespan of your food as part of a raw food diet, apple cider vinegar is a great way to preserve. When using apple cider vinegar however, it’s important to ensure that it is unpasteurized and contains Mycoderma aceti, also known as the mother of vinegar, which will recognizable as a cobweb-looking solid floating inside. This type of organic vinegar contains living nutrients and healthy bacteria, unlike its processed and manufactured counterpart that has been stripped of many of these benefits.

“Apple cider vinegar can help prevent food from spoiling.”

Foods made with apple cider vinegar or lemon juice will have a naturally longer lifespan. As Kim Wilson

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Strawberry Cheesecake Smoothie Pops

Nothing gives off those summer vibes quite like a popsicle, right? Cold, sweet, and refreshing these Strawberry Cheesecake Smoothie Pops just beg to be enjoyed in a hammock or by the pool. Bonus points for the fact that they’re a naturally good source of protein. Start the Day or End the Day in a Sweet

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Saturday, July 25, 2020

Gluten-free Chocolate Chip Zucchini Muffins

Shredded zucchini, mashed ripe banana, dark chocolate morsels, and chopped walnuts are all packed into one delicious muffin! Gluten-free Chocolate Chip Zucchini Muffins are a great way to sneak in (or use up) zucchini, are made with less sugar, and made all in one bowl. When the garden (or Farmers’ Market) gives you zucchini, make

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Friday, July 24, 2020

Understanding Fibromyalgia


Fibromyalgia is a chronic disorder with no cure, though its symptoms may be controlled. According to the Mayo Clinic, fibromyalgia is believed to amplify pain sensations by changing the way the brain receives signals from elsewhere in the body. Typically, individuals with fibromyalgia experience musculoskeletal pain throughout their bodies, in addition to severe fatigue, memory loss and trouble sleeping.

What causes fibromyalgia?
The simple answer is that no one knows for sure what causes the disease. According to Johns Hopkins Arthritis Center, research suggests that the disease is related to physical disorders of the central nervous system, as well as psycho-behavioral issues such as emotional disorders.

Some studies have suggested that fibromyalgia is associated with abnormal sleep patterns. Sleep deprivation can cause hormonal imbalances, which may trigger fibromyalgia symptoms. Some individuals may be more susceptible to the disease from a genetic standpoint.

Who is at risk for fibromyalgia?
As with many chronic immunodeficiency diseases, women are more at risk for developing fibromyalgia compared to men. Likewise, the condition is most likely to present between the ages of 30 and 50, though it is not limited to these ages. Individuals living with other chronic conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus or osteoarthritis are more likely to develop fibromyalgia.

Can fibromyalgia symptoms be reduced?
Though there is no cure for the disease, individuals living with fibromyalgia can reduce their symptoms by taking a proactive approach to their health. The Mayo Clinic recommends that anyone with fibromyalgia get plenty of sleep every

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No Added Sugar Strawberry Kiwi Banana Nice Cream | Easy and Healthy Recipes

Learn how to make Strawberry Kiwi Banana Nice Cream. Three minutes and three ingredients is all you need to whip up this super-simple and delicious treat – right at home. A light and refreshing dessert with zero added sugar, but tonnes of natural flavour. Can you resist?

I think you’d agree, ice cream is probably the most popular dessert around. It was always my top choice as a kid; scoops of creamy decadence that soon melted away my sorrows. 

What is Nice Cream?

I’ve been making nice creams for as long as I can remember – really because I struggled to find store-bought ice creams that weren’t loaded with added sugar, fat and a long list of ingredients I couldn’t pronounce.

I like to think of nice cream recipes as fruit-based ice creams. They typically don’t contain milk, eggs, cream, artificial colours, flavours or additives. The ones we make are wholesome and rely on nature’s candy – fruits – to satisfy our sweet tooth. I guess you could say, in comparison to regular ice cream, nice creams are low in fat, substantially lower in calories and are the epitome of an easy and healthy dessert recipe.

The trick to getting a thick and creamy texture is to use frozen bananas. Although all the fruit is frozen, the bananas are the game-changer – the riper the better. So, be sure not to skip them!

Our 7-year-old, Master IZ, describes this nice cream recipe as a “sort of” of sorbet ice

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Thursday, July 23, 2020

How to Help Stimulate Glutathione Production in the Body

They call glutathione the body’s master antioxidant and detoxifier, and it’s not for nothing! This naturally occurring antioxidant—made up of the amino acids glutamine, glycine and cysteine—is found in plants, animals, fungus, bacteria and, yes, humans! It’s able to prevent cell damage caused by free radicals, heavy metals, peroxides and other potentially harmful components, and is therefore incredibly important to maintaining good health when our bodies are constantly inundated with things that could be harmful in the world around us.

Overall, glutathione is amazingly beneficial to the body, helping to:

Lower oxidative stress levels, which are responsible for diseases and health issues, such as diabetes, cancer, stroke, liver disease and arthritis Improve the appearance and texture of the skin by combatting free radicals that cause blemishes, wrinkles and signs of aging Provide essential support for the liver, including reduced cell damage in both nonalcoholic and alcoholic fatty liver disease Help the body fight against autoimmune diseases through its ability to protect cell mitochondria from free radicals Do I Need Glutathione Support?

Unfortunately, glutathione production tends to slow with age. We gain wisdom but lose our ability to effectively ward off free radicals! It may also decrease as a result of poor nutrition, exposure to environmental toxins and even high stress levels. You may need extra glutathione support if you’re taking certain drugs, have ever had mercury fillings in your mouth, have been exposed to dangerous chemicals or use commercial airlines. If any of these things apply to you,

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So, Why Are We Still Afraid?

Now that we are several months into this COVID-19 pandemic we have a lot more data. Initially there was a lot of concern about the unknown, but now we have the data. If the American health care system is good at anything, it is stats and numbers for disease rates. We are really good at tracking disease. Not so good at eradicating, preventing, mitigating or curing it, but quite good at tracking it. Even with possible manipulation of the data, the trends can be seen.

In Yakima county where I live, we have been number one county on the West coast for the number of cases per capita throughout May and June. It is a very agrarian county, with a high percentage of essential workers outside of government jobs. So, we have enough numbers to ask the question, “So, Why Are We Still Afraid?”

Let’s take a look at the numbers:

Table 1. COVID-19 Data, Yakima County, Washington state, updated July 12, 2020.

Age Range Case Count Percentage of
Total Cases
Deceased Percentage of
Total Deaths
0-19 1,059 12% 0 0%
20-29 1,901 22% 1 0.6%
30-39 1,599 19% 4 2.3%
40-49 1,355 16% 7 4.1%
50-59 1,211 14% 13 7.6%
60-69 706 8% 25 14.6%
70-79 380 4% 46 26.9%
80+ 367 4% 46 26.9%
TOTAL 8,578 100% 171 100%

In looking over the numbers in Table 1 you can see that there are a lot of cases among the younger aged people who have undergone testing. Up through the 50-59 age group there are over 1,000 people in each age group. So, there are enough cases to see some patterns here. In the 60+ age categories, only single-digit percentages (8, 4 and 4 percent of the total cases) are from the 60-69, 70-79 and 80+ categories, respectively. So, the majority of the cases (83%) in our county are actually people under the age of 60.

Moving over to the “Deceased” column, you can see that up through the 40-49 group there are only single digit deaths in Yakima county. Only 12 deaths for people up to the age of 49. In fact, if you add up the oldest two categories, this is about 71% of all of the deaths in the county. And the categories for ages 60+ account for a full 85% of all deaths. 85%! Fifteen percent of the confirmed cases account for 85% of the deaths. Let that sink in for a minute. These are the statistics from my local county where I live. I suspect this trend holds true across the country, as this article by Avik Roy of FREOPP indicates. Data from the CDC for the whole country shows the same age-death trend. So, why are we still afraid?

What is the risk of dying of COVID-19 if you are over the age of 60 versus under the age of 60? A simple 2X2 contingency table calculation will give us this answer quickly.

Here is the contingency table:

Table 2. 2X2 Contingency Table for < 60 versus ≥ 60.

Group Alive Dead Total
< 60 years of age 7,100 25 7,125
≥ 60 years of age 1,307 146 1,453
Total 8,407 171 8,578

We already knew that older people are more susceptible to COVID. This simple comparison gives a relative risk ratio of 28.7-fold higher risk of dying from COVID-19 if you are over the age of 60 versus younger than 60. Almost 30 times the risk! And if you are young, why are you still afraid?

And if you make the contrast even more stark, compare less than 50 years of age with greater than 70 years of age. I’ll spare you the details. It works out to an 80-fold higher risk of dying from/with COVID-19 if you are over the age of 70 versus if you are less than 50 years of age. 80-fold! So, why are we still afraid?

There is another line in the county’s health data that speaks volumes:

“Deceased with underlying conditions: 169 / 171”

So, if you are healthy, your risk of dying of COVID-19 is essentially zero. Zero. So, why are we still afraid?

So far, about 121,000 people have died of COVID-19 in the USA. While this number appears large, when compared to the numbers of people who die of other causes, this number is not large at all. There are about 2.8 million deaths in the USA from all causes per year. So, while 121,000 people have died of COVID-19 this year, more than 10 times as many people, about 1.3 million, have died of something else.

From data from the CDC, we can find that about 650,000 people die of heart disease each year, and another 600,000 from cancer. 121,000 die of Alzheimer’s Disease and another 84,000 from diabetes. Medical errors themselves contribute around 250,000 deaths each year, a cause of death not captured on death certificates. These are the causes of death that actually kill most people. I don’t want to minimize the impact of COVID-19 deaths, but I do want us to have a perspective that takes away the fear.

Regardless of the reasons for all of this pandemic mess, you do not need to be afraid. Do not give in to the media’s fear tactics. You cannot control your age, but your health is totally in your control. Totally. You may not achieve perfect wellness, but you can get to a place where you can function remarkably well at any age. You can enhance your immunity to withstand COVID-19 and many other infectious diseases. I have written before on how to bolster your immune system with vitamin C, Silver Biotics, vitamin D3 / K2, selenium, alpha lipoic acid, and iodine. You can find all of this in detail on Hallelujah Diet’s COVID-19 Immune Support Resources page.

High blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, kidney disease, immunodeficiency diseases are underlying diseases of concern. These are all diet and lifestyle related chronic diseases. They can’t be eliminated overnight, but 30 days of strong application of the Hallelujah Diet will put you in a much better place as far as your health is concerned.

This pandemic is an opportunity for you to take back your health. If you are vulnerable, there are things you can do to improve your health right now. So, get going, kick the fear aside, and get back to the health you were created to have.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

5 Benefits of a Juice Cleanse

Have you ever had to deal with a dead car battery? Leaving your lights or radio on overnight are two of the most common causes of a drained box, just like failing to eat right or exercise regularly are two of the most common causes of bad health. Extremes in temperatures can also cause your car battery to die, similar to the way extremes like sugar, fats and processed foods impact your body. Now, compare your health to your car battery. Just as jumper cables can jump start your car, a juice cleanse can fuel your body with necessary antioxidants and kick start your health.

Juice Cleanse to the Rescue

If you want to keep your body and all of its parts running smoothly, consider a means of clearing away toxins and fueling your body with antioxidants to boost your energy levels. A one- or multi-day juice cleanse is the ideal way to kick start your health by cleansing the organs and giving your internal system a fresh start. A short-term restrictive diet, a juice cleanse often mirrors the model of fasting and focuses on juice from fresh fruits and vegetables.

Whether you’ve been neglecting your overall health and wellness for years or you’re simply looking for a boost in your already healthy habits, a juice cleanse can be beneficial for anyone. Just remember: Depending on how many toxins are in your body, the cleansing process could be gentle or intense. You will certainly feel better when all

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Say “Yes” To These 33 Healthy Recipes For Dinner | Desi~licious RD

The best healthy recipes for dinner are tasty, nourishing, and can be pulled off – without breaking a sweat! Assembling meals for your family may feel overwhelming during this unique time. And besides work and kids, you may also be struggling with emotional eating – under the duress of COVID.


If you’re looking to get “back-to-routine,” you’ll love this collection of healthy dinner ideas. They’re fantastic as those “regular everyday kind” recipes, but their deliciousness also lends itself beautifully to more grand occasions. These healthy recipes are a good mix of one-pot/sheet pan meals that freeze and reheat well, easy to make, and feature some of our favourite family-friendly desi dishes – brimming with ethnic South Asian flavours. 

Isn’t dinner time the best? Honestly, I’ve been trying hard to gather the herd around the table because I think it’s the perfect vehicle to connect. Given a choice, I know the cheeky monkeys would be happy to be left on their own accord. Although not always possible, I must say they enjoy joining in on my healthy cooking adventures. 

Health Seekers, it’s time to skip those “on-repeat” boring meals and serve up these 33 healthy recipes to shake up your dinner routine. Whether you’re looking for colourful salads, foolproof fish or plant-powered 30 minute creations (bonus: I’ve also added some easy healthy recipes done and dusted in 20 minutes), you’ll find plenty of colourful ideas. We’re talking, gluten free pilau, healthy chicken dishes, quick and easy curries using heart-healthy

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The Foundational Five: A Simple Way to Eat Well Every Day

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed with all of the information out there telling you how to eat well?

There are so many questions we ask ourselves when preparing or planning meals:

Do I have enough protein? Am I getting all of my nutrients? Will this keep me full? Is this going to taste good and be satisfying? 

Here at Nutrition Stripped, we’ve “stripped” eating well down to a simple framework — which we call the Foundational Five — that you can follow at each meal.

No counting macros. No need to eliminate foods from your diet. And no fancy fads.

In this blog, you’ll learn why you should use the Foundational Five framework when preparing your meals and how it can help make you more consistent with your healthy eating habits.

Why the Foundational Five Framework Works for Everyday Life

I’m so excited to share my simple checkbox system I’ve been using for almost a decade with thousands of clients, with you because it’s going to help you feel so much more confident and at ease when you go to make a meal, knowing you have a well-balanced plate with a quick check. 

Before we jump into exactly what makes up the Foundational Five and how you can start using it in your daily life, it’s important for you to understand why we take this approach to nutrition here at Nutrition Stripped.

Well-Balanced Meals

Of course, when we’re talking about nutrition and caring for your wellbeing, we want

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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

No-Bake Peanut Butter Crunch Bars

No-bake and easy-to-make, these healthier Peanut Butter Crunch Bars come together with real food ingredients and are the perfect treat for any time of the year. They’re made with less sugar, are vegan-friendly, have the perfect crunch in every bite, and are drizzled with just enough chocolate to complete that ever-so-famous duo so many are

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Monday, July 20, 2020

Peach and Blackberry Yogurt Bowl

Nourish your morning with a delicious, bright, and summery Peach and Blackberry Yogurt Bowl.

This Peach and Blackberry Yogurt Bowl gives a boost of protein and healthy fat and is the perfect basis for whatever fruits and goodies you have on hand. We used peaches, blackberries, Simple Seed Mix, and plant-based yogurt to complete this dish.

Choosing the Right Yogurt for Your Base

You can easily boost your intake of probiotics by simply switching up your shopping list. Next time you’re at the grocery store, look for a brand of yogurt that has been cultured with probiotics. This type of yogurt is produced using fermented milk and typically contains lactic acid bacteria to ramp up the concentration of probiotics.

If you have high blood pressure, probiotic yogurt may be especially beneficial. Consuming fermented milk in foods like probiotic yogurt may be effective at reducing both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Especially in those with high blood pressure already (1).

If you don’t enjoy or have yogurt on hand, have you tried kefir?

Kefir is a type of fermented milk drink that has been linked to a long list of benefits. This cultured dairy product is made by combining kefir grains with milk to produce a creamy, flavorful beverage that’s packed with probiotics.

Kefir is a great source of several important nutrients, including protein, phosphorus, calcium, and vitamin B12, all of which play a central role in overall health (2). Additionally, kefir is low in lactose, which means that consuming a

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Support Cardiovascular Health with Calcium-Rich Vegetables

While your doctor probably emphasizes eliminating certain foods from your diet for better heart health, did you know that you can add foods to your diet for this purpose, too? Heart-healthy foods are abundant in the produce aisle, and many vegetables contain the nutrients your cardiovascular system needs to perform at its best. One of the best nutrients for your heart is calcium. It’s not just good for your bones! The best part about calcium is that you can get it in high supply, even if you’re following a raw diet. Here’s how.

Calcium and the Heart

Arming your body with whatever it needs to prevent heart disease and stroke is vital to good health. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) lists heart disease as the leading cause of death in the United States, with one in four deaths being attributed to the disease. Your body especially needs calcium, magnesium, potassium and vitamin K to keep your nerves, blood vessels and muscles working well. Calcium is one of the most important minerals to regulate blood pressure. It allows blood vessels to better tighten and relax as needed and allows hormones and enzymes to release into the body properly. Interestingly though, doctors and scientists emphasize the importance of getting your calcium through food. Heart-healthy foods tend to be generally good for you and will supply the body with extra vitamins and minerals required for a well-working ticker.

How Much Calcium Do I Need?

Be sure you understand how much

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Saturday, July 18, 2020

Is There Such a Thing as an Anti-Cancer Diet?

Cancer deeply affects almost every corner of the United States and the world, with an estimated 1.7 million new cases of cancer diagnosed annually, according to the National Cancer Institute. With every 1.7 million cases, there is a greater ripple effect—cancer affects us all in some way or another, so finding a cure is paramount to the quality of life of all Americans. One of the ways that we can guard ourselves against this broad-spanning disease is through nutrition. But can we simply eat ourselves to a lower risk of cancer? Food is one way towards prevention, especially when a healthy, anti-cancer diet is coupled with physical activity and good lifestyle choices.

According to the American Cancer Society, food additives, preservatives, processing, irradiated foods and other nutritional concerns could have an effect on a person’s likelihood of developing cancer.  Thus, what we eat has an undisputed connection to cancer. Though we’re not entirely sure of every single food, drink or substance that causes or exacerbates the disease, we are sure of some. Building upon existing nutritional research, we have developed a Cancer Rescue Plan that helps you address nutritional deficiencies and eliminate potentially harmful foods to support a strong immune system.

What Does an Anti-Cancer Diet Look Like?

So, with the research that’s available today, what might an anti-cancer diet look like? Here’s an example of some of the fundamental foods and supplements that you can use to build your preventative cancer diet.

Plant-Based Foods—It’s all about staying

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Grilled Romaine White Bean Salad

This vegetarian white bean salad with grilled romaine is easy to make and perfect for your summer barbeque!  This post is sponsored by USA Pulses.  Lightly charred romaine topped with seasoned cannellini beans and a creamy tahini dressing, this salad is an easy barbeque recipe for vegetarians. With just a few ingredients and a hot…

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Keep Your Liver Healthy with these 5 Support Tools

Your liver is one hard-working organ.

In fact, it’s responsible for over 500 vital processes. 

Yes, 500!

While it’s most well known for its detox duties — protecting our bodies from wastes and toxins — the liver’s also necessary for:

Fat digestion Protein digestion Blood clotting Maintaining balanced blood sugar levels Hormone production Hormone detoxification

… and so much more.

So you can only imagine what can happen when the liver isn’t functioning at its best and these processes start to become compromised. 

This is why it’s so important to support this amazing organ on a regular basis.

And the great news is, we don’t need a drastic “cleanse” to do so! The liver knows how to do its job — it can simply use a little extra support from time to time.

5 Liver Support Tools

1. Minimize exposure to toxins

Exposure to toxins places an added burden on the liver, adding even more to its seemingly endless to-do list!

Toxins can look like air and water pollution, but also trace pesticides on food, plastics, home cleaning products, and skincare products.

Reducing plastic use, choosing organic foods as much as possible, making the switch to all-natural cleaning products, and drinking filtered water are a few great ways to get started.

But what we put ON our bodies is just as important. This is why I’m such a big advocate for non-toxic skincare and beauty products. My number one choice is Beautycounter which is why I joined

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Delicious Pudding Recipes

Those who are unsure about following primarily raw, plant-based eating habits may be intimidated by unrealistic expectations that are associated with the word “diet.” However, the Hallelujah Diet should be considered more of a lifestyle, not just a fad of an eating regimen. To make this easier to understand, we’ve created an entire database of plant-based recipes, including meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as juice, smoothie and snack ideas.

Many people are unaware of all of the delicious treats you can eat while following the Hallelujah Diet – goodies made up of raw, natural ingredients that still taste great without the guilt. The following pudding recipes, for example, use the natural sustenance in which God created for us, and they don’t cut back on taste. In fact, you’ll love how appetizing these choices are! There’s no reason you can’t stay faithful to plant-based eating habits with these tasty options.

If you’re looking for a snack to send to school with your children or one to make for yourself as a well-deserved dessert, consider the following pudding recipes:

1. Avocado Lemon Pudding
With the natural fat-burning elements of avocado paired with sweet banana and lemon, you’ll love this recipe.


1/2 avocado – skin and seed remove
1/3 banana – peel removed
1 teaspoon virgin coconut oil
1 tablespoon almond butter
1 tablespoon lemon juice


Place all ingredients in a large bowl and mash together with a fork. Once you’ve reached your desired pudding consistency, transfer mixture to the fridge to

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Thursday, July 16, 2020

How You Can Stop Overeating and Be More Mindful at Meals

Do you ever find yourself feeling a little too full, or eating when you’re not really hungry, but at the same time, you’re struggling to stop overeating? 

Overeating is really common and there are a few reasons why that’s so!

Sometimes it could be because there was a special event like at a wedding when you weren’t paying too much attention to what you were eating. This happens to all of us and that’s normal and expected! We’re not perfect and you don’t need to be because that’s not the goal.

Other times however, you may find yourself overeating on a more consistent basis. 

Consistently overeating can leave you feeling not well physically, more disconnected from your wants and needs, and also be a sign that you haven’t found how to practice healthy and balanced eating in your daily life.

You’ll learn why overeating can be so common and a few practices to start using to help you stop overeating.

Overeating Vs. Binge Eating Disorder

How do you know if you’re overeating or if you’re binge eating? Let’s chat about the difference between the two so you can begin to determine where you fall.


The definition is exactly what the title entails, overconsumption of food. Overeating is a common occurrence for many individuals. Whether that entails taking an extra serving of a favorite meal or indulging in more dessert than usual, it still involves a sense of control.

You know what you are doing when you are overeating and

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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Barley Greens: A Few Things You Didn’t Know About This Superfood

According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, more than 1 in 2 adults and nearly 1 in 6 children are overweight or obese in countries surveyed by the OECD. There’s an unfortunate increase in obesity across most countries, but the United States continues to be the least health-conscious. A recent study by the OECD found the U.S. to have the greatest amount of obese adults, making up 38.2 percent of the population aged 15 and older. 

But what makes the U.S. so out of touch with health? Not only are the average portion sizes out of control, but also, most of what Americans eat consists of over-processed, cooked foods. Following a raw, plant-based diet is one of the most beneficial moves you can make to promote healthy aging. Organic foods in their raw, uncooked form offer the most valuable nutrients available to man.  Live foods, such as a raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and organic whole grains include an abundance of live enzymes, antioxidants and other nutrients and retain said offerings until they are digested into your system. That means you’re getting the most of what these live foods include instead of only a small percentage that a cooked product would provide.

Barley grass, for example, is naturally abundant in various nutrients that support the immune system and impact overall health and well-being.In this article, we’ll dive into some of the benefits of barley grass juice (barley greens) and how harvesting them and turning them into a

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Greek Chicken Kebabs with Tzatziki Sauce

Marinated in Greek flavors then grilled to perfection, these Greek Chicken Kebabs make for an easy, flavorful and healthy dinner! We like to dip or drizzle the kebabs with Tzatziki Sauce to add even more of an authentic and delicious flavor. A recipe you’ll want to try! Grill food at it’s finest! The summer heat

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Want to Create a Healthy Home? Consider These 4 Areas

From helping you to relax to making it easier to cook nourishing meals, a healthy home is all about creating a space where you can feel your best.

If you enter your home and immediately feel unease or stress just from the sight of it, it could be time for a mini-transformation to align the energy of your space with the energy you want to be feeling in your life. (Especially since we’re all spending so much more time at home).

I’m sharing the 4 areas we’ve focused on in our home to create a space that feels like a mini-sanctuary and supports our daily wellbeing. 

How You Can Create A Healthy Home That Supports Your Health

Just as we’re mindful and aware of food items we put into our body, the same should be said about the air we breathe, the cleaning supplies we use in our home and everything else that surrounds us.

Things that make our space feel more like a health sanctuary or a space that supports my overall wellbeing is a mix of items and actions.

I’m mindful of the energy I bring into my home — as in checking myself if I’m particularly stressed or anxious — that way, what’s coming into our space is more aligned with how I would like to feel.

Engaging in activities that you love are also key to making it feel like a retreat away from all of the stimulation and distractions of daily life. For me, this looks

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Cilantro Lime Quinoa Recipe | Easy and Healthy | Desi~licious RD

Looking for ways to make quinoa taste better? Try my Cilantro Lime Quinoa that’s easy, healthy and gloriously tasty. Quinoa seeds boiled in vegetable stock and infused with cilantro, zesty lime and garlic to create the perfect side to accompany any dish. Devour as is or use to take your salads and Buddha bowls to the next level. Snag the recipe below!

I’ll admit it, I’m a quinoa fanatic, y’all. I find any excuse to chuck it into cold or warm salads. Plus, it’s the perfect quinoa recipe to go with fish and serve alongside my vegan tikka masala.

These last few years, I’ve found myself experimenting with quinoa – quite a fair bit. Honestly, it took a bit of practice to master how to cook quinoa quickly on the stovetop (with flavour!). Of course, I wish I knew earlier these tips and tricks. 

It’s felt extra busy these past few weeks. I’ve been telling myself to get this recipe up for months. Am serious. I was actually scrolling through my camera roll, today, and saw the quinoa recipe prep shots – perhaps a sign, but I promised myself I’d at least start the write-up. Well, it’s almost 10 pm, and I am cracking on – as pledged.

So happy to offer a quinoa recipe – that’s easy peasy! This one guarantees fluffy quinoa. I’d be lying if I didn’t say – it’s quinoa mania over here. We make this quinoa recipe weekly.

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Monday, July 13, 2020

Silver Biotics for Immune System Support

If you’re looking for an easy way to bolster your immune system, adding Silver Biotics to your daily routine is a good option. Along with a healthy, immune-supportive diet, this supplement can support your body’s ability to ward off viruses and bacteria that can compromise your health. Hallelujah Diet is happy to offer the top choice of immune support in liquid and gel forms to easily integrate into your everyday life. Whether for prevention during flu season, an extra boost when you’re feeling under the weather or for everyday support, Silver Biotics supplies the immune system with the tools to fight against sickness. Shield your body with an extra layer of silver armor with Silver Biotics!

What is Silver Biotics?

Patented by American Biotech Labs in 2001, Silver Biotics is a patented silver solution designed to help boost the immune system. Silver Biotics is a true silver solution with the same kind of silver you’d find in jewelry and silverware! This kind of silver is thought to provide a wide range of health benefits in supporting immune system function.

What makes Silver Biotics better than the other colloidal silver brands on the market? It’s all about their patented technology. The silver particles are surrounded by a thin, multivalent silver oxide coating that’s attracted to the surrounding water and makes it more stable and bioavailable than other forms of silver. What’s more, Silver Biotics is formulated so that it offers multiple modes of action. It’s able to steal multiple electronics

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How to Make Pesto Out of Different Greens

Did you know you can make pesto with other greens instead of just basil?

Pesto is fresh and green and has the right balance of savory and earthy flavors. From salads, sandwiches, and pasta to chicken and seafood, pesto can basically transform any dish into a nutrient-dense and savory meal.

Pesto originated in Genoa Italy and is traditionally made with pine nuts, Parmesan cheese or hard cheese like Pecorino, basil, garlic, and olive oil.

The exciting thing about pesto recipes is the versatility you can apply with the greens — so instead of using fresh basil, you can get creative with any green or herb you have an excess of such as collard, kale, arugula, and mustard greens. This is such a great idea to use for food preservation after an abundant gardening season, to utilize all the greens you received in a local CSA, or if you stocked up at the market or grocery store on different greens.

Adding leafy greens, like spinach, kale, Swiss chard, and collard greens, to your pesto is an excellent way to boost the nutrition of your meal and use up all those seasonal greens no matter what your region.

How To Make Pesto Out Of Different Greens 1. How To Make Pesto With Spinach

The super green is a nutrition workhorse, packing phytonutrients, such as beta-carotene and lutein, and supplying a slew of antioxidants and vitamins.

In this Spinach Basil Pesto recipe, I blend fresh basil with spinach, garlic,

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Sunday, July 12, 2020

How to Stop Emotional Eating During Social Isolation | Desi~licious RD

How to stop overeating, bingeing, restricting and other patterns of compulsive eating during a pandemic. Learn how to develop a healthy relationship with food during the quarantine.

Can you believe we’re almost in the middle of July already? 2020 has definitely seen it’s fair share of major events over the last few months, all while under the cloud of a pandemic. None of us were really prepared to deal with the unique challenges that this year has brought due to a drastic shift in our routines. Many of us have been adjusting to running our lives completely out of our homes, and despite what some may believe, no one is immune to the effects that social isolation has on our emotional well-being

With a lot of us being in such proximity to food, emotional eating has become even more prevalent. How do you counter negative thoughts when it comes to your body and food? 

The truth is, sometimes you can’t. 

These are deeply ingrained in many of us through diet culture, and it can be a tough process to unlearn. Considering that many of us may be experiencing this right now, I thought it would be helpful to break down the basics of emotional eating so that you can have the tools to build and nurture a healthy relationship with food. 

What is Emotional Eating?

One thing I frequently discuss with my clients is how to identify physical hunger vs emotional hunger in order to eat more intuitively. Eating

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Saturday, July 11, 2020

Watermelon Mojito

The most delicious, refreshing, and light cocktail that screams summer! This Watermelon Mojito is refined sugar-free, made with fresh mint and juicy watermelon, and is the perfect cocktail (or ‘mocktail’) to enjoy on a hot day. It’s easy to make with just 5-ingredients, no simple syrup, and no added sugar. The watermelon adds plenty of

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Friday, July 10, 2020

Delicious Breakfast Recipes

Most people rely on breakfast for the fuel their body needs after a long night of rest. While others can get by with a simple fresh glass of vegetable juice, BarleyMax or a smoothie for breakfast, some adults and young children could use more of a boost before work and school.

If you want to mix things up and exchange your usual vegetable juice breakfast for something different, consider the following delicious recipes.

Remember: We highly recommend using organic ingredients as much as possible.

1. Fruit and Flax Smoothie
Not far off from vegetable juice, this wholesome smoothie is loading with nutrients and antioxidants – plus it’s tasty! This recipe makes a batch for the entire family.


10 to 12 ripe Bananas
1 cup Blueberries – frozen or fresh
1-2 cups sliced Peaches – frozen or fresh
1/2 cup ground flaxseed
Water for consistency


First, place all ingredients in a blender. Mix until smooth, adding water slowly to perfect the consistency. Place in the refrigerator to cool before serving. Enjoy!

Flaxseed offers an abundance of health benefits. Add it to all of your morning smoothies!

2. Raw Granola
Found in Rhonda’s book “Rhonda’s Culinary Creations,” you’ll love how simple and delicious this recipe is for a breakfast. You can also save and eat it as an afternoon snack!


1/2 cup buckwheat – soaked overnight, drained and dehydrated 24 hours
1/2 cup almonds – soaked overnight, drained, dehydrated 24 hours and chopped
1/2 cup oat groats – soaked overnight, drained and dehydrated 24

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The Top 5 Vegetables for Digestion

Including a variety of top vegetables for digestion in your diet is a great way to boost your body’s ability to process nutrients efficiently.

Whether it’s bloat, gas, frequent bathroom breaks, or constipation, achieving healthy digestion is one of the most popular topics with my clients and our community.

While I already discussed the fiber-rich fruits that help to keep your system flowing, now it’s time to talk about a handful of vegetables that can help improve digestion. Both fruits and vegetables are known for their fiber content, but there are some key veggies that have a “special” effect on digestion.

Depending on your unique digestive system, gut microbiota, and tolerance to fiber, eating too much fiber can either leave you feeling very full and possibly constipated or with frequent bathroom breaks. The key when boosting fiber in your diet is to take it slow and steady, give your body enough time and space to get used to the increase in fiber.

Learn a few of the best vegetables for digestion that you may want to consider incorporating into your daily diet to optimize gut health.

How Vegetables Support Digestion

We all have heard how important fiber is to our digestive system. Fiber acts as a little broom that sweets your intestines and colon of bacteria and helps keep things moving through your intestines, which is important to prevent constipation and it also helps your body signal to you that you’re full!

Depending on what your body needs, fiber can

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Thursday, July 9, 2020

How To Cook Legumes

Everything you need to know about preparing, cooking and serving legumes.

Packed with fiber, protein, and carbohydrates, legumes are a great component to any diet.

They come in many shapes, sizes, colors and variations, which can often cause a bit of confusion when attempting to prepare a dish with them.

Dried legumes, in particular, are often a mystery to most people. “What exactly are they? How do you cook them?” and “What’s the difference between legumes and beans?” Are just a few of the many questions we frequently hear on the subject.

Here we’ll address them all and give you the details you need so you know exactly what to reach for and how to cook them the next time you need to!

How To Cook Legumes

Legume is essentially the overarching term for all bean-like food items. Lentils, beans, peas, chickpeas, soybeans and even peanuts are all technical members of the legume family.

Each of these variations greatly differs from one another in terms of taste, texture, and nutrition.

While we love peas, chickpeas, soybeans, and peanuts, for our purposes today we’re going to mainly focus on beans and lentils.

What’s The Deal With Canned Beans?

First and foremost – canned beans are great too! We’re not knocking canned beans by any means. They’re inexpensive, convenient and still packed with nutrition. But, they really only taste OK. Hear me out.

When prepared well, dried legumes have a far superior taste and texture as opposed to canned beans. There

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Full Body Cleanse: Natural Ways to Detox the Body

Smoking, drinking alcohol in excess and following a diet loaded with processed foods, refined sugars and saturated fats are all bad habits that are linked to unhealthy outcomes in life. When you follow such habits, you put your body at risk for multiple chronic conditions and diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, COPD, heart disease and even certain cancers. But just because you’ve followed an unhealthy lifestyle for most of your life, doesn’t mean it’s too late to start over – there’s always time to give your body a refresh. There are plenty of natural ways to cleanse your body and remove the waste, toxins, excess hormones and other unwanted substances that you’ve been holding on to for years.

In this article, we’ll discuss reasons to detox your body, how long the process takes and some of the natural, healthy ways to cleanse your system.

Why detox your body?
Whether you’re dealing with illness, want to boost your immunity or just need a health fix, detoxification is for everyone. Along with aiding weight loss, going through a full-body cleanse can alleviate symptoms like bloating, nausea, fatigue, acne, headaches and constipation.

A full-body cleanse comes with a wide array of benefits. Consider the following, as highlighted by Mind Body Green:

It eliminates toxins from the body – A healthy process can remove the chemicals, preservatives and natural waste like pesticides and heavy metals that entered your system from unhealthy foods and natural exposure from the environment. It enhances

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Grilled Steak Kebabs

Sometimes simple is the best way to go! Take these Grilled Steak Kebabs, for example. Just steak, onions, and peppers a 5-ingredient marinade (6 if you count black pepper!) are all you need. They can be prepped ahead to be grilled when you’re ready or made for an easy reheat and meat later in the

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Raspberry-Peach Rosé Sangria

Rosé is great, but sangria takes it to another level. We skipped the simple syrup and instead added just a bit of natural sweetness (from fruit) to make this Raspberry-Peach Rosé Sangria one you’ll want to sip all summer. It’s a delicious way to highlight the best of what’s in season right now and adding

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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

4 reasons to leave meat out of your diet

Are you looking to detox and restructure your diet to eliminate unhealthy fats and toxic substances? Removing meat from your daily meals is one of the most important steps to accomplishing this goal. Animal products – red meat in particular – make up a large portion of the saturated fats people consume. Cutting meat like pork, chicken, beef and lamb from your meals can reduce your risk of serious conditions like heart disease and certain forms of cancer.

While meat-lovers may find it very challenging to say goodbye to meat for good, the health benefits are significant, including ridding the body of accumulated toxins. If you’re not convinced that this dietary change is what your body needs to begin on the path to a healthier you, refer to these reasons why eating meat is detrimental to your well-being:

1. Meat increases your risk of many life-threatening illnesses.

The Mayo Clinic pointed to a recent National Cancer Institute study of 500,000 people that showed the participants who ate the most red meat daily were 30 percent more likely to die of any cause over a 10-year period. This was compared to those who consumed the least amount of red meat. Many additional studies, including ones reviewed by the World Cancer Research Fund International, have linked meat to an increased risk of multiple forms of cancer as well

Protect your heart health and overall well-being by replacing meat with plant-based foods.

2. It’s recommended to avoid proteins that are high in solid

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5 Hacks to Stock and Organize Your Kitchen for Healthy Cooking

When you organize your kitchen properly, it can make healthy cooking so much easier and more enjoyable!

We all know that cooking healthy meals is what makes it possible for us to eat well on a daily basis.

But that can be really tricky if you haven’t organized your kitchen, making it challenging for you to easily put together a meal in minutes.

You may not even realize it right now that this may be what’s making cooking healthy meals feel challenging.

With a few simple tweaks, your kitchen organization can completely change the way you feel about cooking and help you be more efficient with your time.


5 Simple Ways to Organize Your Kitchen that Make a Big Difference

I could talk for hours about this topic — I seriously geek out over organization and setting yourself up for success in the kitchen and I even have an entire module in my membership that breaks it down for each part of the kitchen, so I’m going to give you a few of my best tips that will make the biggest impact on your space, so be sure to catch them all!

1. Stock Your Pantry, Fridge, and Freezer

This sounds really simple, but people often forget to reevaluate what they need to stock their pantry, fridge, and freezer for being able to make healthy, plant-based meals easily.

The best guideline I can give you is to have ingredients on hand each week that makeup what I call

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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Understanding Postpartum Depression

Bringing a baby into the world is one of the most miraculous things a woman can do. You create a strong connection with your newborn from the moment they start growing in the womb, and watch that bond continue to blossom as your child ages. But while there are many amazing milestones and feelings that occur after giving birth, many people shy away from discussing a condition that’s very common and has mothers feeling pessimistic after pregnancy: postpartum depression.

According to The Postpartum Stress Center, postpartum depression is a medical condition that occurs in 20 percent of all women after giving birth. Women are more likely to experience a mental illness postpartum, so it’s something that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Let’s take a closer look at postpartum depression, some of its common symptoms and ways to cope and care for your body during this period of time:

What is Postpartum Depression?
Considered a mental health illness, postpartum depression is a condition that women may develop almost immediately after giving birth, occurring days or weeks postpartum. Most commonly confused with the baby blues, PPD is diagnosed when the harsh feelings of sadness and loneliness stick around for months after delivering.

While the exact cause of postpartum depression is unknown, this mental condition is likely to blame for hormonal changes. After giving birth, hormone levels are constantly up and down and can sometimes cause chemical changes in the brain. The depletion of nutrients like DHA, iodine, and vitamin D from growing a

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Monday, July 6, 2020

“Why am I so tired?” Uncovering the Root Causes of Fatigue + How to Heal Them

Do you struggle to get through the day without a cup of coffee? Two cups? Three!?

Do you feel like you’re trudging through mud all day long?

Low energy is one of the most common complaint I hear from readers and clients.

This is something I dealt with myself when I was at the height of my health issues including adrenal fatigue. Instead of coffee for me I craved sugar because my body was searching for energy! But instead of excepting this as my destiny I knew I wanted to figure out why.

“Why am I always tired and have no energy?”

“Why do I have trouble sleeping? I wake up at 2 am, can’t go back to sleep, and then I’m exhausted all day.”

“Why am I so tired even when I get enough sleep? I’m talking 8 hours, every night!”

Sure, sometimes our hectic schedules are to blame (if you’re a new mother who’s getting just a few hours of uninterrupted sleep, of course you’re going to be sleepy!).

But most often, fatigue and tiredness go beyond our busy schedules. They can also be a symptom of something deeper at play.

So if you feel something is wrong — including being tired all the time — then you need to investigate the root cause. You don’t have to “just deal with it” or “push through it.” You definitely don’t need to rely on coffee or sugar to get through the day! You can FIX it.

Let’s start

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15 Healthy Smoothie Recipes You’ll Want to Drink Every Day

Whether you’re short on time or looking for a way to pack in more nutrients into your day, having healthy smoothie recipes you can whip up in 5 minutes is the perfect solution.

What Goes Into Healthy Smoothie Recipes?

Smoothies are such a great way to get a nutrient-dense meal packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants. But not all smoothies are created equally.

It can be really easy for the sugar content in some smoothies to climb up to 50 grams in one smoothie. Regardless of if that is coming from whole foods like fruits or if it’s coming from added sugars, that spike will leave most of us feeling less than our best. Whether it causes a crash in energy or make you feel hungry not long after drinking it.

So healthy smoothie recipes contain a balanced protein, non-starchy carbohydrates (like greens) that are packed with fiber, and healthy fats.

To do this, you use what I call the Foundational Five.

A Foundational Five Nourish Meal is any meal that contains all 5 elements within the Foundational Five, non-starchy carbohydrates, starchy carbohydrates, healthy fat, protein, and the Flavor Factor. If you’re not familiar with my Foundational Five system yet, you can download my free guide where I share more about it!

By following this simple template it keeps food flexible, fun, and nourishing. Our Foundational Five Nourish Meals can be found as smoothies or smoothie bowls, yogurts, oatmeal bowls or breakfast bowls, nourish bowls, salads, soups, stews and

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Fibroids Diet: Recommended Foods for Managing Fibroids

Getting the news that you have a fibroid is an experience of mixed emotion. By its very definition—a firm, compact tumor that develops in the uterus—a fibroid sounds like something very bad. But fibroids are not cancer, and that’s reason for celebration and relief! Indeed, most physicians say fibroids are not a concern for worry, as there is very little threat that they will turn malignant. Women who are between the ages of 30 and 40 are at the highest risk for developing fibroids, but they can still occur in women who have passed menopause.

With that said, fibroids aren’t always nothing. Sometimes they cause pain, heavy menstrual periods, constipation, pelvic pressure, and frequent urination. Importantly, fibroids can cause complications during pregnancy, and women with fibroids have an increased likelihood of cesarean delivery (C-section) because the tumors can cause the baby to sit in a position not ideal for delivery. Even if you have symptoms associated with a fibroid, there is a very low likelihood that the mass will affect the baby, but it is worth noting that women who have fibroids have a slightly higher risk of miscarriage and premature delivery.

What Are Fibroids?

 Fibroids, also known as leiomyomas or myomas, are benign tumors that grow in the muscles of the uterus. These noncancerous tumors range in size–from the size of a pea to as large as a melon. Though it is largely unknown what specifically causes fibroids, doctors believe they are linked with higher levels of the hormones

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Low-Sugar Paloma

Better-for-You Cocktail Week continues with this Low-Sugar Paloma. A refreshing mix of grapefruit and lime juices with just enough tequila to shake things up, and it’s beautiful blushing pink color. This has quickly become one of our favorite drinks this summer.  Pucker up! At the end of a long week—or in the middle of a

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Sunday, July 5, 2020

Sweet & Salty Ice Cream Sandwiches

Ice cream is sandwiched between two Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Pretzel Cookies and then rolled in crushed pretzels and chocolate chips, making these irresistible Sweet & Salty Ice Cream Sandwiches. They’re the perfect summer indulgent and make for a special treat on a hot day. You can make them dairy-free and/or gluten-free if you wish.

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Race Discrimination in Nutrition: Why Having a DIC Matters More than you Think

A discussion on tackling race discrimination in the field of nutrition.

I’ve always been a firm believer of nutritious food. As a registered dietitian, I am academically and professionally trained in the role that scientific research plays in order to keep fatal diseases at bay. And when we talk about food, we automatically talk about the culture it originates from. They are intrinsically linked, and one does not move without the other. 

We also all know that food items have often travelled from their country of cultural origin to be integrated into another. However, you may think what has that got to do with race, ethnicity and race consciousness? 

The truth is, everything is indirectly and unfortunately, linked to race all across the globe. From where we live and what we study, to the place we worship at and who our friends are. Similarly, the production and consumption of food may also face racial inequality because of the evident lack of nutritional education and relevant research policies. 

This is because the relationship between race and nutrition is complex – intricately interwoven into the level of poverty, unemployment, hard labour and disability. These issues are further enhanced through the absence of diversity and ethnic minority representation, especially in areas where their opinions can add value to our understanding of the subject.

Public health recognizes that race discrimination and structural racism are important factors to inequality in both health behaviours and outcomes. There is a clear link between nutrition and racial

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