Friday, July 31, 2020

Are Root Canals Dangerous to Your Health?

Oral health is more than just fresh breath, pearly white teeth and a great smile. Poor oral hygiene has the potential to compromise your immune system and your overall health. In fact, the commonly performed root canal procedure – of which 25 million are carried out each year in the U.S. – can lead to chronic disease, according to Dr. Mercola’s natural health website.

Root Canal Dangers Exposed
For years, those in the field of science have warned of the dangers of this dental procedure. Yet each day, 41,000 patients undergo a root canal, according to the source. Intended to save the natural tooth, these procedures hollow out the tooth and fill it with a substance which cuts off the blood supply. The tooth then remains in the mouth without this supply of blood, while cultivating many tiny areas that enable bacteria growth. In some cases, this toxic anaerobic bacteria can spread throughout the body and cause several medical complications including degenerative diseases like cancer.

Since antibiotics cannot penetrate the tooth, they are not useful in killing the infections. 

Root canals have been linked to many chronic diseases, such as cancer.

“Root canals stress the immune system,” explained Hallelujah Diet health expert Olin Idol. “After decades of stress, cancer may develop in a genetic weak area as the immune system is no longer able to maintain health. It is thought by many who are knowledgeable about the dangers of root canals, cavitations and mercury fillings that oral pathology may

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