Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Upgrade Your Drinking Water with the HydroBoost Kit

H2O—It’s the most essential component to human health, vital to almost all of our body’s most complex functions. We need water to help regulate our body temperature, protect our tissues, digest our food and lubricate our joints, yet about 80 percent of people say they’re not getting enough of it. And, on top of that, water alone isn’t enough. The body needs vitamins, minerals and nutrients as part of a healthy, preventative diet. For those of us with busy lives, it can be hard to ensure that we’re meeting our daily nutrition and water requirements.

With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation. ­– Isaiah 12:2

At Hallelujah Diet, we strive to simplify your health and nutrition goals, and one of the ways we’re doing that is with the HydroBoost Kit. This kit comes with Trace Mineral Drops and Willard WaterÒ, two of our formulas designed to help you drink better water every time you take a sip. These products essentially help you supercharge your H2O with additional minerals and pH-balancing components that add nutrition.

What is Willard Water?

Willard Water is an Hallelujah Diet water formula designed to increase the pH of your distilled water and alter the structure of the water so that it absorbs better into your system. Adding the complete formulation to your regular water boosts its pH above 9, which gives it a more alkaline structure and transforms it into alkaline water.Why does pH matter? When water has a bit of

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