Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Want to Create a Healthy Home? Consider These 4 Areas

From helping you to relax to making it easier to cook nourishing meals, a healthy home is all about creating a space where you can feel your best.

If you enter your home and immediately feel unease or stress just from the sight of it, it could be time for a mini-transformation to align the energy of your space with the energy you want to be feeling in your life. (Especially since we’re all spending so much more time at home).

I’m sharing the 4 areas we’ve focused on in our home to create a space that feels like a mini-sanctuary and supports our daily wellbeing. 

How You Can Create A Healthy Home That Supports Your Health

Just as we’re mindful and aware of food items we put into our body, the same should be said about the air we breathe, the cleaning supplies we use in our home and everything else that surrounds us.

Things that make our space feel more like a health sanctuary or a space that supports my overall wellbeing is a mix of items and actions.

I’m mindful of the energy I bring into my home — as in checking myself if I’m particularly stressed or anxious — that way, what’s coming into our space is more aligned with how I would like to feel.

Engaging in activities that you love are also key to making it feel like a retreat away from all of the stimulation and distractions of daily life. For me, this looks

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