Sunday, March 15, 2020

Nutrient-Rich Spring Soup Recipes


It’s not always easy to decide what to make for a meal in the spring. Some days the sun is shining and then the next you need your heavy jacket and boots again. For those iffy spring days, there’s no better meal to rely on than soup. Equally perfect for grey afternoons with a soft drizzling rain and warmer dry days, spring soup is a healthy and delicious meal choice.

This season, consider these four spring soup recipes:

Raw Cream of Carrot-Sweet Potato Soup
From the Fall in Love With Food Again archives, this Hallelujah Diet recipe for a smooth and hearty bright orange soup delivers on flavor and nutrition. Sweet potatoes make for a great source of fiber and are filled with manganese and vitamins A and C, according to Dr. Axe. This healthy form of carbohydrates has been shown to even blood sugar levels, help with weight loss and provide lots of antioxidants.


4 carrots 1 small onion 1 bullion cube (No MSG) Small sweet potato 3 pinches fresh nutmeg 1/2 cup rice milk 3 cups hot water

Chop and dice carrots, onion and potatoes before blending. Combine all ingredients in Vita-Mix Machine or similar appliance until smooth. The hot water and blending will help to make this soup steamy and smooth. Serve warm and enjoy.

Sweet potato and carrot soup is rich in nutrients.

Sun-Dried Tomato Basil Soup
For a sweet and zesty soup recipe, give this raw, gluten-free and vegan recipe from One

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