Sunday, March 15, 2020

Dear Aunty Ji – Aaloo Want is Respect for My Body! | Desi~licious RD

Analyzing body shaming and its toxic influence on Desi women.

Sana was a lovely girl, polite and charming. A brilliant university student with high hopes of becoming a neurologist. She was president of the science club and every teacher’s favourite. 

Similar to any girl her age, Sana loved hanging out with friends, excelling in her studies and enjoying Fridays with pizza and romcoms.

However, there was one “problem”. Over the last few months, she had repeatedly found herself on the heavier spectrum of the weight scale. In order to maintain her pristine academic record, Sana had resorted to stress eating. This had resulted in a few extra noticeable pounds. We all know weight gain is the Voldemort of Desi culture; it must not be named, for it shall come to haunt you. 

And so, began the outpouring of ceaseless comments and unsolicited advice.

“Haw, Sana, kitni moti hogayee ho!” (Oh my God, Sana – you’ve gained so much weight!)

“Abhi wazan kum karlo, warna baad mein mushkil hogi” (You must start shedding weight off now or else it’ll be a massive problem!)

And the age all, Desi aunty favourite:

“Isi tarhan chalta raha tou shaadi aisay hogi?” (Who will marry you if you keep gaining weight?)

Sana’s story is quite familiar. We have all once been her. It’s almost second nature for Desis to greet loved ones with a backhanded compliment regarding weight gain. I mean, why praise a woman for her talent, hard work or ambition. After all,

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