Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Super Immunity 101: Understanding and Obtaining a Healthy Immune System

Ever wish you could ward off diseases and viruses the second they enter your system? Having this ability would be like possessing a superpower, and one that could do a lot of good. In the medical community, having a well-functioning immune system is referred to as super immunity, and there are some ways you can achieve it.

How the Immune System Works

There are dozens of different types of immune cells that work within the immune system. The circulatory system and the lymphatic system help mobilize these cells to fight bad bugs, colds, and the flu. We combine these cells with antioxidants and filtering systems of the kidneys and lungs to create a vast network that protects us from many problems that come from the outside. Keeping each of these components running at optimum levels leads to the super immunity we crave.

Various issues can cause our immune system to begin breaking down, however. This can lead to vulnerabilities to new pathogens, autoimmune problems, cancer, and eventually death. You can support your immune system with three simple ways of adjusting your life. These strategies give you your best chance of fighting off illness, avoiding disease, and being happy and healthy.

Supercharging Your Diet

Your diet can either support you or hinder you. The foods you choose decide this. Many of the most popular foods we eat today contain copious amounts of chemicals. Some of these chemicals are residues from pesticides and manufacturing processes, and some of them are added to

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