Sunday, August 2, 2020

Spicy Herb Avocado Dip | Easy And Healthy Recipes

Bright and refreshing, this Avocado Dip or Chutney is infused with the aromatic scent of cilantro and mint. It’s creamy, spicy, tangy and will incite double-dipping. Accompany with your favourite local seasonal veggies and crackers to create a show-stopping platter. Easy, healthy and done in the blender – in literally 5 minutes!

I’m a sucker for anything dipped in chutney, but my all-time favourite is avocado-style – infused with fresh herbs. You’ll find me adding a dollop and slathering this spicy avocado dip on just about anything: eggs, salads, kebabs, vegetablesfish and even smeared on roti. MOUTHWATERING.  What can I say, it must be the desi in me; as a kid, I watched mum make concoctions of chutneys and gosh did we relish them!

Why This Is The Best Dipping Sauce – For Just About Anything!

I think you’d agree that apart from adding a punch of flavour, dips and chutneys also offer an opportunity to experiment with various herbs and spices – until you discover that hit recipe.

If you’re on the hunt for an easy avocado dip for chips or nachos – this works like a charm. Because really, the dip is the best part. It brings oodles of flavour and nutrition. Not to mention, this is a prominent vehicle for us to enjoy local Ontario produce. Currently, we can’t get enough of local cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes and peppers.

This is the also best avocado dip recipe, if you’re intimidated by the thought of creating a dip. You

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