Sunday, August 30, 2020

Slow Metabolism? 6 Reasons You’ve Hit A Speed Bump And Proven Ways To Rev It Up | Desi~licious RD

If there’s one thing I hear most about, it would be complaints of a slow metabolism. Is it to blame for weight gain? What affects it? How can I speed it up? Transitioning back-to-routine after quarantine has indeed catapulted the topic into the spotlight. Learn what affects your metabolic rate and how to boost your metabolism, according to science.

Slow metabolism symptoms typically hit as we age, though some lifestyle habits and underlying medical conditions can also impact metabolism. Common symptoms include tiredness, unexplained weight gain, and feeling cold. In some cases, slow metabolism symptoms present as “sluggish” digestion. 

But before we dive into plausible reasons why your metabolism may have hit a speed bump, let’s cover the basics because, to be honest, “metabolism” gets thrown around a lot.

Simply put, metabolism represents all of your body’s biochemical reactions: how you take in nutrients and oxygen and utilize them to fuel and “service” your body. You may be surprised to hear that this incredible biochemistry enables your body to heal, grow and function.

So, metabolism comprises how your body’s cells:

Support activities under your control (e.g. physical movement, etc.). Support activities not under your control (e.g. heartbeat, wound healing, digestion, absorption and processing of nutrients and toxins, etc.). Allow storage of excess energy for later use.

As you can imagine, when we connect all these complex processes under the parasol of metabolism, they can either work too

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