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Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

A wholesome diet is essential to healthy living, but it’s even more important when you’re pregnant. That’s because your developing child needs an abundance of vitamins and minerals to thrive before making his or her way into the world. But it’s not just about paying closer attention to healthy foods you should be eating – it’s also important to abstain from numerous foods that could hinder your baby’s development and cause a complicated pregnancy. From the moment you find out you’re carrying until your child grows up, you are responsible for providing nutrients that help him or her thrive.

Here are some of the top foods to avoid while you’re pregnant:

Raw and Deli Meats
Undercooked poultry and beef puts you at risk for toxoplasmosis and salmonella, according to the American Pregnancy Association. Additionally, deli meats may be contaminated with listeriosis, which can potentially lead to infection or blood poisoning and cause miscarriage.

“Mercury can cause developmental issues in your child.”

A highly toxic element, mercury found in fish has the ability to harm your nervous system, immune system and kidneys and may lead to developmental issues in your child. High-mercury fish such as tuna, shark, swordfish and mackerel should be avoided during pregnancy.

Unpasteurized Cheese
According to the National Health Service of the UK, soft cheese contains bacteria that can lead to listeriosis. That’s because they’re less acidic and contain more water, offering breeding grounds for harmful bacteria. Listeriosis is a serious infection that can lead to miscarriage, stillbirth or severe illness after the baby is born. Avoiding cheeses like Danish blue, feta, Mexican style cheeses, gorgonzola and goat cheese is critical during your pregnancy.

Drinking multiple cups of coffee a day should be a thing of the past once you’re carrying. As stated by the APA, caffeine intake can cause complications during your pregnancy and can increase your risk of miscarriage. Because caffeine is a diuretic, it eliminates liquids from the body, which means it can flush water and calcium out of your system. Dehydration isn’t only harmful for your own body during your pregnancy, but it can harm your child if you’re not providing enough liquids for him or her to thrive in the womb. Additionally, consuming too much caffeine has been linked to premature birth and low birth weight in children. If you’re having issues eliminating caffeine completely, limit yourself to 200 milligrams per day or less.

Following a Plant-Based Diet Instead
Avoiding all of these foods is simple when you’re following the Hallelujah Diet. Yes, it’s possible to acquire all necessary protein, calcium and other vital nutrients your baby needs by consuming a 100-percent primarily raw plant-based diet and using appropriate supplementation. To ensure optimal nutrition all pregnant women, not just those on a plant-based diet, should take vitamin D3 / K2, iodine, omega-3 rich fish oil, and B12-B6-folate. There is no diet which fully supplies all of these nutrients in optimal amounts without supplementation.

Don’t put your baby’s and your own health in jeopardy during pregnancy. Learn more about how beneficial following the Hallelujah Diet during reproduction and beyond today. Also see our other articles on The Benefits of Eating Well During Your Pregnancy, Best Plant-Based Foods to Eat During Your Pregnancy and also Vitamins and Minerals to Prioritize During Pregnancy for more information on having a great pregnancy and delivering a healthy baby.

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