Thursday, June 18, 2020

7 Easiest Vegetables to Grow at Home (Small-Space Picks Included!)

We all can benefit from strengthening the connection to our food, where they were grown, and how they end up on our plates.

One of the golden standards for deepening this connection to our food is to grow it ourselves! Gardening comes in so many forms, large scale gardens taking up acres of land to having a small windowsill garden in your kitchen. And yet, both beneficial and supporting your health no matter how big or small you can garden.

If you’ve been following my personal journey for the past year, you know that my husband and I are changing our lifestyles and moving out in the forest of TN so live more sustainably and homestead. This process is a dream come true and one that includes gardening!

Through this journey I’ve learned so many tips, tricks, and basic skills to make gardening and growing your own food incredibly joyful and easy. Here are what I’m deeming as the top easiest vegetables to grow.

Why You Should Try Growing Your Own Foods

If you’re able to grow your own food, then this practice is a must!

If you’re unable to grow your own food or simply aren’t lit up by the idea after you try it out once, then the next best action to take is to seek out your local farmers and support them by signing up for a local CSA where you can reap all the health benefits of consuming local and fresh produce and support farmers.


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