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A Remarkable Nutrient – Vitamin C

It was a little over 45 years ago that unbeknownst to me, I met one of the few true giants of medicine, Fredrick R. Klenner, M.D. He was administering (not practicing) “real” medicine in his upstairs office in the town of Reidsville, NC.

It was late one weekday night that I accompanied my brother and sister-in-law to that old office in Reidsville, NC where she was going to be seen for what we learned that night was shingles of the eyes.

After calling his office, she was advised to make that 35-mile trip to his office one evening as he was usually found there as late as 10 p.m. or later at night treating patients. His fame had spread far and wide even back then as he used IV therapy of vitamin C and other nutrients to boost an individual’s immune system in such a way that the body was able to heal itself of a host of ailments.

It was after only three of four consecutive visits that Dr. Klenner asked her if she had had any pain associated with the shingles. And, fortunately she had not had any. After that night’s infusion of nutrients, she was told she would have no pain and her shingles were basically gone. With the IV C and other nutrients she had received, her body had almost miraculously cured itself of what could have been a long-lasting battle with a most painful affliction.

Dr. Klenner’s understanding of vitamin C therapy was decades ahead of that of his peers. His recommendations for supporting the body’s immune system is much better understood today. Back then, his recommendations for maximum support of the immune system was for a person to get one gram of vitamin C (in powder form – calcium ascorbate, sodium ascorbate, or ascorbic acid) for each year of age, beginning at age one up through ten years of age. Thus, at age ten, one would get 10 grams of vitamin C spread out throughout the day. From age ten on, he suggested ten grams daily just to provide routine support for the immune system.

Humans, monkeys and guinea pigs are unable to synthesize vitamin C (Nature, 1940). We must get it from our diet or supplementation. Under normal conditions, a healthy goat produces 13 grams (13,000 mgs) daily. With a life-threatening disease or severe toxic challenge, goats can produce as much as 100 grams of vitamin C daily to support innate healing! Our current RDA of 60 mg daily is woefully inadequate to keep our immune system in top condition!

The number one killer today is heart disease. Vitamin C deficiency is the primary cause of coronary arterial blockage. Dr. Gary Gordon has stated: “If you were to ask me today – what is the one nutrient that is most beneficial to a person with impaired health, I would have to say that vitamin C is number one on my list. It has not let me down and it won’t let you down.”

In his book, Curing the Incurable Vitamin D, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins, Thomas Levy, MD, JD states: “The literature is virtually overflowing with irrefutable evidence that vitamin C is the single most essential nutrient for achieving and maintaining optimal health . . . “

On June 10, 1949 at the annual session of the American Medical Association, Dr Klenner presented a summarization of his work on polio. During the 1948 polio epidemic, 60 out of 60 patients with polio who received his IV-C therapy recovered. You would have thought such remarkable results would have gained worldwide attention but tragically, overall it fell on deaf ears.

I know of no other essential nutrients, that when supplied in optimal quantities, that can support the body’s innate self-healing the way vitamin C can.

While most of us do not have access to IV-C therapy, we can maximize the support for our immune system most economically with the daily intake of vitamin C in powdered form as well as in the liposomal form when more aggressive support is desired.

Calcium ascorbate or sodium ascorbate in powdered form provides vitamin C in a non-acidic buffered form that is gentle on the stomach. It can be used in high doses spread throughout the day.

During times of high vitamin C depletion (such as when you have a viral or bacterial infection) take 1 teaspoon (4 serving) every 4 hours to keep your immune system primed with vitamin C. Many chronic health challenges cause a depletion of vitamin C. Vitamin C Powder at 4-12 servings a day can help optimize vitamin C levels in these situations.

When more aggressive support is needed, Liposomal Vitamin C may be used as it gets into the blood stream and cells more rapidly (almost like IV-C) and normally does not cause any GI issues.

Maintaining an optimal intake of vitamin C provides:

  • Excellent immune system support
  • Cardiovascular support
  • Prevents free-radical damage
  • Healthy aging support
  • Bone health support

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