Monday, June 8, 2020

7 Top Foods That Make You Gain Weight


If you eat foods common in the American Standard Diet, there’s a good chance you’re not treating your body well. In Genesis 1:29, God tells us what kinds of foods we should be eating, but few of today’s modern meals adhere to this guidance.

These seven foods are likely to make you gain weight:

1. Soft drinks
Added sugars have no place in God’s Original Diet, so it should be no surprise that sugary soft drinks will make you gain weight. In fact, a can of soda has no nutritional value at all. According to Healthline, calories derived from sugar do not make you feel full. Therefore, your body absorbs additional calories, but still wants more. Meanwhile, high levels of sugar can lead to serious conditions such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and liver disease.

2. Pizza
A staple of the Standard American Diet, pizza is available on every other street in just about every town throughout the country. Pizza may contain a few vegetables, but the other ingredients have little nutritional value. Plus, most pizzas from fast-food restaurants are very high in calories, which contribute to weight gain.

3. Bread
White bread is made from refined wheat that causes your body’s blood sugar levels to spike after consumption. The gluten contained in bread can also trigger various immunodeficiency diseases such as fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis.

Though whole-grain breads are often advertised as healthy, they are really only healthy in relation to white bread. According to Healthline, whole

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