Thursday, May 14, 2020

Slow Cooker Vegan Black Eyed Peas Recipe | Easy And Healthy

This budget-friendly Slow Cooker Vegan Black Eyed Peas Recipe is a game-changer if you’re looking for a hassle-free easy and healthy recipe. Super simple to pull off, family-friendly and brimming with Desi~licious flavours. It’s the perfect pick to feed a crowd using humble pantry ingredients. Vegan, gluten-free and only 15 minutes of prep time required.

If you’re looking for a hearty and healthy dinner recipe that’s perfect for busy weeknights then this Slow Cooker Black Eyed Peas Curry is perfect! It’s bursting with bold and delicious flavors from beautiful spices like cardamom, paprika, and coriander – blended perfectly in a tomato based masala.

Indeed cooking dried beans takes far longer than opening a can. But, it’s worth it; you get a better texture and flavor. Not to mention, it’s also value for money. I slash the amount of effort needed to make this recipe by making it in a slow cooker. That way, my slow cooker does all the work – whilst we enjoy a fuss-free and hearty dinner.

How to cook dry beans

Before you soak beans, make sure they’re washed thoroughly, by rinsing them several times. Remove any wrinkled or damaged beans and discard. I soak beans (and lentils) overnight in plenty of cold water. Once I’m ready to cook, I rinse thoroughly in cool water. Remember, cooking times will vary; depending on the type of bean, and length of soaking time. I simmer beans anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. If using the Instant

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