Wednesday, May 27, 2020

3 Things to Focus On To Create Healthy Eating Habits

Do you ever feel that you’re not able to create healthy eating habits that you can use in your daily life, without it feeling really challenging to maintain?

Maybe you’re jumping from plan to plan or trend to trend or you have an idea of what to eat to be healthy, but you struggle to follow through on being consistent in eating that way every day.

You may be feeling a little stressed with making food choices or find it challenging to nourish yourself while also having balance to enjoy yourself.

I’m going to share what three things to focus on if you want to make the biggest impact on maintaining healthy eating habits.

When you have all three of these things working together, eating healthfully can become so much easier and more enjoyable for you!

1. Knowing What to Eat to Nourish Yourself

So the first thing is, of course, knowing what to eat to nourish your body so it can function at its best, and I focus on doing that through eating an abundance of plant-based, whole foods.

It’s no secret that plant-based and whole foods provide us with so many vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that support our wellbeing.

All of these things contribute to how you feel on a daily basis by keeping you satiated, your focus sharp, and energy stabilized and supporting your digestion.

And they also contribute to your long-term health, with many studies showing that these powerful plant-based foods can improve heart health,

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