Monday, May 18, 2020

Cyclones Sugarcane Flavored Pre Rolled Hemp Wraps | 25 Pack | Natural Organic Prerolled Wraps with Packing Sticks Included for Efficiency

Flavor:Sugarcane | Size:25 Pack

Cyclones Hemp Wraps
Cyclones Hemp Wraps are pre-rolled for your convenience, simply pack and smoke. made from natural Earth friendly organic hemp. There’s almost nothing else that is simpler to use on the market. When opening the conetainers you will notice a pleasant aroma as well as a smooth pre-rolled cone, that is because cyclones hemp wraps come coated with various delicious flavors. This cone is meant to have a geat feel when you grasp it, not too dry or too moist.

Natural Ingredients
Hemp Wraps are popular because unlike traditional blunt wraps they contain no nicotine. Our wraps are made from pure hemp which is organically grown. When a Cyclone Hemp Wrap burns, more herbal blend is burned at the beginning, and progressively less is burned with each puff. Therefore, as your herbal blend gets stronger and stronger, you are burning less and less of it. Thus, the first puff tastes almost the same as the final puff.

Cyclones Hemp Wraps are known for their freshness, these pre-rolled wraps have a great feel when you grasp them. Not too dry, not too moist. Up until recently, Cyclones was the only brand to produce a pre-rolled all natural hemp cone. Apart from the performance we can ensure that you will love the different flavors available which include but are not limited to Strawberry, Blueberry, Grape, Sugarcane, Wonderberry and Natural Hemp.

Each Cyclones Pre-Rolled Sugarcane Hemp Wrap is 110mm in length with a 26mm tip

Cyclones Hemp Wraps | Conveniently Pre-Rolled to Minimize Any Effort Needed to Smoke. Simply Pack and Go, Never Before Has Smoking Been Easier
Flavorful Experience | Cyclones Have Created the Perfect Flavor System, Called Triple-Dip. Available Flavors for Sale are Blueberry, Grape, Strawberry, Natural, Sugarcane, and Wonderberry
High Functionality | No Pun Intended. These Cones Will Burn Smoothly and Give a Sensational Fruity Smell Which will Enhance your Sessions. Hemp is Traditionally Better than Tobacco Paper for Both your Health and Your Wallet
Organically Grown | All Cyclones Hemp Wraps are Made From Natural Earth Friendly Pure Organic Hemp. No Unnecessary Toxins or Chemicals will be Added Compared to the Competition
What You Get | Included with this Purchase are 25 Individually Pre-Rolled Cyclones Hemp Wraps Sugar Cane Flavored which are Ready to be Packed and Smoked. Included with the Hemp Wraps are Packing Sticks and an ESD Conetainer

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