Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Natural Ways to Reduce Menopause Symptoms

Menopause is a tough milestone that all women must go through. However, this unavoidable part of life doesn’t have to be dreadful. Some of the most common symptoms that give menopause its bad reputation include mood swings, hot flashes, trouble sleeping, anxiety weight gain and overall discomfort – but all of these things can be easily managed if you pay attention to your body and prioritize overall health and well-being.

Don’t let menopause get in the way of living your everyday life to the fullest as you age. Here are a few natural ways to help control those debilitating symptoms:

1. Stay Hydrated
During menopause, your body goes through various hormonal changes. More specifically, your estrogen levels decline and can cause the lining of the urethra to become dried, thinner and less elastic, according to the Women’s Health Research Institute at Northwestern University. This can increase your risk for urinary tract infections, incontinence and vaginal dryness and discomfort. Thankfully, staying hydrated throughout the day can provide relief in most cases. Drinking plenty of water and eating an abundance of raw fruits and vegetables are two simple ways to keep hydration levels high.

2. Exercise
Restless nights and high levels of stress and anxiety are two common symptoms that women deal with while going through menopause. If you find yourself getting little to no sleep at night, or you’re feeling more stressed and irritable, exercise may help you find balance. Working out at the fitness center or going for a stroll through

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