Sunday, December 15, 2019

Hemp Oil Extract for Pets with Nano Technology Best Hemp Oil with Advanced delivery Hemp Extract for Pets (150mg)

For hemp extract to have influence over our systems, this natural compound first needs to be absorbed by the body. From the site of administration to the bloodstream:

Our water based Hemp products- We use Nanotechnology, which creates true uniform nano particles less than 10 nm in diameter and embeds them within micro-clusters of ultra-pure water we call HydroPods. Because the nano nutrients are encased within clusters of water molecules, the body absorbs them rapidly through the stomach, and are easily absorbed and distributed out to the cells throughout the body within several minutes.

Other products use Oil based Hemp extract- Which uses liposome technology (fat based) taking much larger particles and embeds them in spheres of fat. These are known to be difficult to manage in the human body, slow to absorb, typically taking 2 hours and absorbed through the small intestine. Some people with compromised gastrointestinal tract issues may have problems digesting and absorbing these particles.

NANO TECHNOLOGY – Unlike other Hemp Oil products on the market, our team specializes in Nanoscience, taking the Natural Extracted Oil from the Hemp and combining it with our nanonutrient technology into a water-based tincture. Our nano-sized Hemp particles have more immediate and better absorption and bioavailability–delivering benefits FAST!
* NATURAL ORGANIC HEMP OIL – Premium Hemp Extract gives you all of the incredible benefits of this amazing plant! Studies have shown that nutrients from Hemp may Relieve Chronic Pain, Inflammation, Headaches, Anxiety, and Stress, Improve your Mood, Sleep, and Brain Function, and Promote healthier Skin, Bones, and Joints.
* WATER BASED- The Best Hemp Extract is one that delivers Hemp Nutrients to the system rapidly and actually tastes good! Our Pure Hemp Nutrients are nano-sized and put into clusters of water for a light pleasant taste! Once you try water-based Hemp Extract Tincture you will never go back to heavy oil-based products. One serving (30 drops) of the dropper delivers a 10mg serving! Roughly a 30-Day Supply.
* MADE IN THE USA- All of our Hemp products are manufactured by the actual Nanotechnology Scientists, tested, and bottled in Provo, UT! Organic Hemp Extract with advanced scientific delivery made right here in the USA!
* LIMITED SUPPLY- Our very own scientists create each and every batch! Special attention is given to each curated formula, so they can only produce a certain amount of Hemp Extract Nectars! This limits our production, so get yours ASAP!

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