Monday, April 13, 2020

How to Make Healthy and Easy Meals All Week Without Needing a Lot of Time

Knowing how to quickly prepare healthy and easy meals is key for being consistent with your healthy eating habits.

But sometimes meal prepping can be really time-consuming if you’re making a lot of recipes each week or it can become repetitive if you’re using the same basic ingredients.

And cooking everything from scratch, even if it’s a simple meal, may still be a little too much work after a busy day.

So I use a hybrid approach that makes it easier to cook healthy and easy meals in about 15 minutes! (Seriously, most of my meals take 15 minutes to make!) 

And, you don’t have to eat the same meal multiple times throughout the week!

I’m going to walk you through my entire process for making healthy and easy meals that you can make all week without getting bored. 

Using Meal Components to Make Cooking Easy and Fun

Meal components are interchangeable food items that go with everything else you cook — basically, it’s a meal planning mix and match.

If you’re familiar with meal planning or it’s already part of your life, then I’m sure you’ve seen some meal planning systems out there that rely on making full recipes or adding tons of things to one meal prep container to make a meal, right?

And sometimes that can create food fatigue or take hours of your weekend to prepare multiple recipes. 

You’ve not only just wasted money (most likely), but unfortunately, you’ve probably wasted your time from cooking,

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