Friday, April 24, 2020

Why Post-Workout Recovery is So Important


You know that exercise is one of the most important elements of maintaining a happy and healthy life. The recommended 150 minutes of moderate-aerobic activity with two days focused on muscle-strengthening exercises helps you maintain a wholesome lifestyle while paying close attention to your overall wellness. To perform at your best, getting enough sleep and resting before physical activity is critical. But did you know that post-workout recovery is just as important?

Allowing your muscles to rest and refueling your body after exercise gives you strength needed to continue an active lifestyle.

Letting Your Muscles Recover
If you think exercising every day of the week is more important than taking one day off to relax, think again. According to lifestyle blog Very Well Fit, your muscles need time to rest to repair, rebuild and strengthen! Essentially, exercise “destroys” your muscles. It breaks down the tissues so that they will rebuild and grow. In order for this to happen, however, you need to give your muscles a break. Otherwise, you’ll just continue breaking down the tissues, giving them no chance to rebuild. Off days give your body a break to replenish and your tissues time to repair before your next workout.

“Neglecting to rest could increase your risk for injury.”

What happens when you overtrain? For starters, neglecting to rest could increase your risk for injury. It can also lead to decreased sports performance, increased stress and possibly depression.

While dedicating enough time to quality sleep every night

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