Monday, April 20, 2020

Strawberry Goji Berry Rose Refresher

Staying hydrated is key! Keep it fun and interesting by switching up your water routine. Enjoy this delicious, sparkling strawberry goji rose herbal infusion as a refreshing beverage, as a mocktail, or cocktail.

Just like my herbal infusion recipes and guide, this Strawberry Goji Berry Rose Refresher is a great example of how to make hydration time, delicious and feel super fancy without tons of effort or time.

Make Hydration Fun!

Focus the in-between meal time as your “hydration time”, sipping on hot tea, water, sparkling water so you’re focusing on drinking enough water.

One of my personal favorite tips I use daily is to take a large water bottle and put 3-4 rubber bands on it, each time you drink the full water bottle, take off a rubber band and repeat until all rubber bands are off the bottle. Each rubber band could represent 1 cup of water or 2 cups depending on if you’re drinking other beverages throughout the day.

Another way to remember to stay hydrated is to make drinking water feel extra special like this Strawberry Goji Berry Rose Refresher!

Adding herbal tea or herbal elements such as flowers, herbs, spices, and fruit to your everyday water routine can really boost the flavor and nutrients of plain water. They have a deliciously subtle taste that likely keeps you wanting more of them (and that means you’ll stay hydrated), and they don’t add extra sugar. To top off their advantages, herbs also bring in their own set

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