Sunday, April 19, 2020

How to Stop Feeling Tired & Hungry In Lockdown

Have you ever noticed that the more you lie about the house, the more tired you are? 

Those days of Netflix binges just are so much hard work!! It is exhausting! LOL! 

Or have you noticed that the more you eat, the more you want to eat?

The cravings are real and you just cannot stop grazing all day!

It can feel like we are programmed for self destruction!

Or maybe not?

Maybe we just get more of what we are focusing on.

Time and time again, we hear our customers say, how fast their appetite leaves them once they start our plan and start eating less. They start eating less, and they want to eat less. 

Many of our customers have to remind themselves to have all 4 of their packs everyday, as their hunger and their food cravings totally leave them.  This is partly due to ketosis, which is a naturally occurring fat burning state that happens when you reduce the level of carbs you eat, your body turns to your body fat for its primary fuel source, and this stops your body craving food.  Mentally when you are on plan, you feel more in control, and you emotionally detach from food too, all these reasons combined mean that eating less, is so easy, in fact so many of our customers say that doing plan is a breeze! When you are on a roll and in the zone, there is nothing better or easier! 

Another thing we constantly

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