Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Is The Coronavirus Outbreak Mother’s Nature’s Wake Up Call To Humankind?

Discussing ideas and tips for tackling the climate crisis for a greener planet on Earth Day, 2020.

I know everyone is talking about the new coronavirus outbreak – I’m just as guilty! From print to electronic media, social media memes to people screaming at spring breakers in Florida to self-isolate, countries around the world under lockdown to Shaista Chachi forwarding fake news on WhatsApp every few seconds – it’s all we talk about. 

Granted, it is a terrible time. COVID-19 has had a devastating effect, and everyone across the globe is suffering. However, amidst the gloom and doom, have you noticed how our planet has slowly started to come back to life? Yes, it’s true! Nature is flourishing. 

I was astounded to read that the Ozone Layer has started to heal. Can you believe it?! Years of irreversible climate crisis is gradually on the mend because people across the planet are homebound. This truly is an incredible example of orchestrated global action.

Similarly, Twitter is flooded with residents from various countries sharing pictures of how planet Earth is benefitting from human life in lockdown. Places such as Italy – hit the hardest after China – are amazed by Venice’s crystal-clear waters. Not only that; dolphins, swans and other sea life have returned to enjoy themselves after being in quarantine for years (oh, the irony!), away from the constant hoard of tourists. 

I’m not sure if you’ve come across this video of a curious deer in an Italian cathedral. Look

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