Monday, April 20, 2020

Treating Acid Reflux Naturally

Millions of people deal with issues related to digestive health every day. One of the most common complications is what many refer to as heartburn, a tingling or burning sensation in the chest known as acid reflux. When this flow of acid from the stomach up to the esophagus happens two or more times per week, it becomes gastroesophageal reflux disease, Medical News Today reported. This uncomfortable condition can be relieved in several different ways without medication.

As Medical News Today explained, certain foods such as caffeine, chocolate, acidic juices, alcohol and salt have all been linked to acid reflux. A diet that is high in fiber, on the other hand, has been shown to reduce the likelihood of heartburn and digestive issues. Minty, spicy, fatty and garlicy foods have also been known to cause acid reflux for some people, according to Harvard Women’s Health Watch. One remedy is to eliminate these foods through trial and error.

As Dr. Axe explained, there are foods that can relieve symptoms of acid reflux including leafy greens, pumpkin and squashes, asparagus, artichokes, kefir, cucumbers and fermented vegetables – all of which are part of the Geneis 1:29 diet. Numerous testimonies report that a lifestyle switch to the primarily raw, plant-based Hallelujah Diet have reduced or completely eliminated acid reflux

Acid reflux is commonly called heartburn for the sensation it causes in the chest.

Eating Habits
Overeating and eating too fast can also cause heartburn. As Harvard Women’s Health Watch reported, overeating can lead

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