Monday, September 7, 2020

How a Bio-Available Magnesium Supplement Can Boost Your Health

A bio-available magnesium supplement may be one of your best friends when it comes to being healthy. Magnesium is used in over 350 processes of the body, but women especially tend to be deficient in this vitamin. By supplementing your health with magnesium, you can help balance your health, enable your body to fight off colds and flu, and prevent a lot of problems from ever happening in the first place.

What Is Magnesium?

Magnesium is a very small mineral that combines in nature to form a lot of salts. Epsom salts and limestone are perhaps two of the best-known varieties of magnesium. Where magnesium really shines is in the sun. Like iron binds to hemoglobin in our blood, magnesium binds to chlorophyll in plants, and this is where we get the majority of our magnesium.

Fresh, leafy greens contain some of the highest levels of magnesium for us to use. We can assimilate it quickly and, following the Hallelujah Diet, you’re getting plenty of greens. However, it might not be enough. In the Standard American Diet, alcohol, caffeine, and sugar contribute significantly to magnesium loss. Now, with this lifestyle you’ve already cut out those problems. Additionally, people who have heart problems or blood problems or who are currently menstruating tend to have lower levels of magnesium, although studies have not quite shown why this is the case.

Magnesium is critical for bone health. Our bones are nearly half magnesium. When we’re deficient in magnesium, the body pulls the magnesium

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