Sunday, February 16, 2020

YOOFORIC Hemp Oil Extract 300mg Peppermint

YOOFORIC Hemp Oil is cultivated and packaged following the strictest regulatory guidelines to ensure our products are of the highest quality. Our oils are preservative free, non-gmo, contain no fillers, gluten-free, sugar-free and vegan friendly. We only use premium, high-quality hemp oil that matters. Some people use once a day, others twice! Take our hemp oil dose under the tongue, hold for 90 second, then swallow. Benefits are cumulative so enjoy at the same time each day, but best taken in the morning or right before sleep. Take note of how your body is adapting on a daily and weekly basis and adjust your usage based on your desired effect.

HEMP OIL THAT WORKS: We’re on a mission to add a smile to your face, making the world more pleasant and healthy one dropper at a time. Made with pure premium high-quality organic hemp oil extract loaded with a unique entourage of good stuff including vitamins and fatty acid Omega 3, 6, & 9! All of our oils are vegan-friendly.
CHILL AND ENJOY – ONE DROPPER AT A TIME: Enjoy feeling positive, focused and chill! YOOFORIC is not your average hemp oil – it tastes great and absorbs quickly in the mouth for high potency! Other products that are digested break down in the gut making them weaker.
QUALITY FOCUS: Slow Down! Calm a racing mind before bed! Wake up feeling soothed and refreshed ready to take on the day.
SUPPORT YOUR BODY’S NATURAL DEFENSE MECHANISMS: YOOFORIC’s innovative ingredient blend helps support your body’s own natural defense systems for mood, emotion, pain, relief, restlessness, aches, stress from anxiety, and inflammation!
FOUR NEW FLAVORS: With four tasty flavors to choose from, YOOFORIC will be your new favorite indulgence with purpose. Chocolate Mint, Lemon Citrus, Passion Fruit, and Peppermint.

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