Monday, February 17, 2020

Hemp Seed Oil Stress Gummies

Don’t feel like counting drops? Want a little tasty treat to pep up your day? Or a sleep aid to quiet the circus in your head? We’ve got you. Our 30mg vegan Hemp Gummies are made with organic and naturally sourced ingredients; and are a quick and tasty solution to get the pain and stress relief you need. Solution recommendation: Here’s a great article that gives an explanation on Hemp Seed Oil and it’s uses. How to use: For Day (AM) gummies: we suggest taking one (1) gummy orally and then wait an hour to see how it affects you. Increase dosage as necessary, using the 1 hour time frame to keep track of how many gummies you require for your desired affects. For Night (PM) gummies: we suggest taking one (1) gummy orally right before preparing for sleep. It varies per person, but it usually takes 15 minutes to 1 hour to take affect. Typically, only one gummy is recommended for the night-time sleep effect. Tips and Tricks: If using in conjunction with other Hemp products, do your best to follow the one hour wait time to determine desired affects. Care: Store in cool, dry place out of extreme temperatures.

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