Monday, February 17, 2020

“RENEW” Anti-Aging Moisturizing Cream With 50mg Hemp Extract Oil By CannaTera – 2oz

By Creating A Product That Activates The Plant Molecules To Find The Endo-Receptors On The Cells Of The Skin, In Order To Go To Work And “Make Improvements” By Healing Unhealthy Cells And Regenerating Skin Cells, We Have Provided The Fast Track To Healthy, Glowing Skin Anyone Can Feel Good About! When You Add To The Idea That Our Products Are Naturally Sourced From A Plant Known To Produce 4 Times The Oxygen Of Any Other Plant On The Planet, And The Only Plant That Will Remediate Toxins From The Soil, It Makes Absolute Sense That Cannatera Is A Ground Breaking Product That Not Only Will Make The Consumer Feel Good About Their Face, But The Environment And Planet Their Purchases Will Impact In The Bigger Picture Of Growing More Hemp, To Produce More Oil, To Manufacture More Natural Skin Care Products Like Cannatera.

Each Bottle Is 2 Oz And Contains 50mg Of Our High Quality Proprietary Blend Of Hemp Extract Oil.
Formulated With Pomegranate, Sunflower, Carrot, Lavender, Avocado, Shea Butter, And Our Signature Hemp Extract, This Moisturizer Will Have Your Skin Glowing With Pride As Well As Illuminating Your Natural Beauty And Restoring Your Skin To Its Natural Flawless Complexion!
Will Help To Heal And Prevent Breakouts, Prevent Premature Aging, Repair And Condition Your Skin, Hydrate And Illuminate Your Skin And Soothe Inflammation.
Are You Looking For A Way To Renew Your Skin’s Natural Luminance, But Don’t Want To Waste Your Time (And Money) On Expensive Products That Don’t Seem To Work? Look No Further Than The Fantastic Skincare Product Called The Renew Facial Moisturizer By Cannatera.
This 2 Oz Bottle Of Renew Anti-Aging Moisturizer Will Give You A 30-Day Supply Of Anti-Aging Benefits.

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