Friday, February 7, 2020

MIHY #mayihempyou 1000mg Hemp Oil – for Anxiety and Pain Relief -Pineapple Terpenes 1 Ounce (30ml) – 30 Servings 100% Organic Hemp – Rich in Omega 3-6-9 & Vitamins, Gluten Free,

MIHY welcomes Amazon customers to our new Hemp line of products. MIHY are lovers and visionaries about the beneficial and positive effects that plants and flowers offer to the whole world and to humanity. These benefits are natural gifts that are the lifeblood of our planet. We at MIHY believe certain nutrients inherent to plants have positive and beneficial effects on our health. Each plant is capable of delivering care and solving problems that we have only just begun to imagine and reap the benefits of. While there are many who would like to keep this hidden, MIHY has foreseen the total and absolute use for own good and positive health effects. Historical records indicate that the benefits of food, plants and herbs have been examined for thousands of years. Hippocrates, considered the father of Western medicine, stated “Let food be your medicine and your medicine is food.” Even before, the ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Indians and Sumerian civilizations all provided evidence from the past that foods, plants and flowers being among them, could be effectively used as medicines to treat and prevent disease. Ayurveda, a 5,000 year old traditional way of medicine, also outlines the benefits of food for therapeutic purposes. We now know today of the benefits that hemp is capable of delivering to humans: relief from pain, stress, anxiety, menopause symptoms, and insomnia. But what is still being discovered are the benefits of other very important molecules that are present in each plant, called TERPENES. Terpenes are a very powerful part of each plant’s bio-chemical makeup and terpenes are able to amplify the medicinal benefits from other plants when combined together. The research team at MIHY has studied hundreds of them and have incorporated different Terpenes to deepen the therapeutic effects of Hemp. MIHY products are so very effective, and are GREAT TASTING, for this reason.

MIHY helps to reduce discomfort, support mood stabilization, reduce hormonal imbalances, improve sleep, increase brain activity and mood, relieve pain, soothe stiffness, calm tense muscles, reduce tense muscles, reduce inflammation, relieve joint pain, increase metabolism and support weight loss
MIHY relaxing hemp oil can slow down the racing mind, promote a deep and relaxing sleep of high quality and improve the quality of daily life.
MIHY Tincture is a natural product that can be easily absorbed, this relaxing hemp oil can effectively relieve stress, improve insomnia and reduce anxiety, help with skin, hair and nails.

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