Monday, September 27, 2021

5-Day Cleanse & Reset Kit Vanilla

My Cleanse & Reset is now IMPROVED and even better!
I’ve improved my original Green Smoothie. It still has detoxifying greens and a hint of sweetness from berries but now you get to choose whether you want it in chocolate or vanilla. And, I’ve added whey protein isolate to the hydrolyzed collagen for improved amino acid and antioxidant profile.

Also, many of you told me you wanted another warm meal option so I’ve included a bone broth for lunch.

And probably my favorite improvement is in the Lemon Sips. I supercharged my Lemon Sips with a new melon concentrate called Dimpless. This all-natural extract has been clinically shown to smooth away cellulite by shrinking fat cells hiding just below the skin.

Here’s What You’ll Get in the IMPROVED Kit:
15 Lemon Sips with Dimpless
5 Super Vanilla Smoothies with Whey + Collagen
5 Bone Broths
5 Super Berry Collagen Smoothies
5 Lemon Chicken Soups

Start your morning with a glass of refreshing Lemon Sip to flush out toxins, rehydrate your body, and energize your mind. Two more Lemon Sips will keep you awake and alert all day long.

For breakfast, revitalize your entire system with a mouthwatering Super Vanilla Smoothie. It’s loaded with protein, collagen, greens, and berries for a whole-body pick-me-up.

Sip on a savory bowl of low-calorie Bone Broth for lunch. It’s packed with protein and nutrients to nourish your body, support gut health, rejuvenate skin cells, and satisfy hunger cravings.

Treat your taste-buds to a Super Berry Smoothie midday. It’s rich in antioxidants and fat-burning superfoods to help your body fight free-radicals, boost energy, and keep aging at bay.

Our Lemon Chicken Soup is the cornerstone of your detox program. Enjoy it at dinnertime so the nutrients can work their magic through the night, and you can wake up feeling refreshed and restored.

NEW & IMPROVED – My Cleanse & Reset Kit is an improved version of the original Green Smoothie. It still has detoxifying greens and a hint of sweetness from berries but now, you can also enjoy the Super Vanilla smoothie goodness along with the added whey protein isolate to the hydrolyzed collagen for an improved amino acid and antioxidant profile.
LOOK & FEEL YOUNGER – Cleanse & Reset is loaded with hundreds of the highest quality vitamins, minerals, nutrients plus a variety of proteins to supersaturate your body with the most intense nutrition you’ve ever experienced … and will have you looking and feeling great.
WHOLE-BODY HEALTH – The health benefits of saturating yourself with the essential vitamins and nutrients in my cleanse go well beyond the beautifying results. You’ll also feel full and satisfied, your system will flush out those unhealthy toxins, you’ll feel more energetic during the day, and your body will be flushed with lean muscle-building protein.
PROMOTES HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS – The new “lactose-free” whey protein isolate in the Super Vanilla is a nutritional powerhouse that builds lean muscle and offers added support for slimming down. Plus, the “healthy fat” from all of the collagen-rich meals melts away belly fat … because healthy fats actually burn fat.
COMPLETE PACKAGE – Here’s what you’ll get in the IMPROVED Kit: (15) Lemon Sips with Dimpless, (5) Super Vanilla Smoothies with Whey + Collagen, (5) Bone Broths, (5) Super Berry Collagen Smoothies, and (5) Lemon Chicken Soups

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