Friday, January 10, 2020

NaturalSlim Personal Program

NaturalSlim™ Personal Program

If your intention is to slim down at the fastest rate possible and with the best results, your best bet would be to join the NaturalSlim™ Personal Program. As a member of the NaturalSlim™ Personal Program you will receive all of the primary supplements recommended in the book, “The Power of Your Metabolism”, a Personal Program Guide, measuring tape to track your progress and weekly consultations with a CMC™ (Certified Metabolism Consultant).

Free Shipping does not apply to: Hawaii or Alaska

The program includes:

  • A NaturalSlim™ System membership (FREE)
  • Weekly consultations with a NaturalSlim™ Certified Metabolism Consultant™ at no additional charge
  • NaturalSlim™ Personal Program Guide (FREE)
  • Measurement Tape for Real Body Measurements (FREE)
  • NaturalSlim™ supplement
  • Metabolic Protein Shake Vanilla
  • Metabolic Protein Shake Strawberry
  • Metabolic Protein Shake Chocolate
  • COCO -10 Plus™
  • Stress Defender Angel™ Supplement
  • Metabolic Vitamins
  • MagicMag™ Supplement
  • Kadsorb™ Potassium Caps Supplement
  • Candisepic™ Kit
  • The Power of Your Metabolism book (FREE)
  • NaturalSlim™ Shaker Cup (FREE)
  • Online videos that further explain the subject of the metabolism (FREE)

Expert guidance from a Certified Metabolism Consultant who will consult with you every week until you reach your goal.
Eligible for member-only discounts on products, thus saving you money in the long-run.
Receive a free NaturalSlim Personal Program Guide Book that will provide you with a step-by-step explanation of the program. The Personal Program Guide Book also includes additional tips and information to help you succeed. It will also serve as a record of your progress as you go through the program.
Once you reach your goal, you will receive a Certificate of Success. As a graduate, you will also be eligible for a $50 Gift Certificate for use on any future NaturalSlim products you may need.

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